Mathews Takes a Closer Look at BYU

Marcus Mathews is a 6-foot-5, 195-pound receiver from Beaverton, Oregon who just finished his senior season, and like nearly every BYU commit, he was in Provo last weekend. The four-star recruit committed to be a Cougar over ten months ago and spent a lot of time on campus between summer camps and junior day. So what did he take away from his latest visit?

"Nothing really new," said Marcus Mathews. "I mean, I know what BYU is and I've know it for a while now. It's the program I want to play for and a program I've come to know very well, so it wasn't like, ‘Wow, I didn't know that' with anything on my trip or anything."

What Mathews was able to do was take a closer look at things in and around the program. He got to know his future teammates a lot better and was able to see some things he had not seen before.

"I got to see the under-water treadmill and stuff like that," said Mathews. "That was really cool. BYU has it all, the best facilities, just everything."

Mathews was tabbed with four stars entering summer camps this past year and has done nothing to dispel the preseason hype leading his team to a conference championship berth in the highest division in Oregon while emerging once again as pretty much the only real passing option on his high school team.

"I caught around 50 passes last year and scored seven touchdowns," said Mathews. "Our team didn't throw much, only about nine times per game, so I feel I did pretty well."

The Oregon media agreed and granted Mathews first-team all-region honors with second-team all-state honors following his senior season.

Soon after Mathews season came to a close, he watched BYU play local favorite Oregon in the Las Vegas Bowl. He still takes time to mention it to his classmates.

"Before the game, a lot of guys were talking some trash saying how Oregon was going to kill BYU," said Mathews. "But BYU of course beat them pretty good, so yeah, I let people know about it. It's fun."

Mathews was not surprised by BYU's offensive output, but like many fans came away very impressed with how the Cougar defense dominated the Duck offense.

"They were awesome," said Mathews regarding the BYU defensive effort. "I knew BYU had a great offense and would put up points, but the defense surprised me a bit. I knew they were good, but they were incredible in that game."

Mathews is now playing for his prep basketball team where he starts at the power forward position averaging around 10 points and 10 rebounds per game. His team is having a decent year with an 8-6 record.

Mathews turns 19 in October and has definite mission plans. When he will leave on his mission is still in the air. Mathews will decide between leaving right away or playing for a season first. It is a topic he has discussed with coaches and will think about some more before deciding.

"Coach Mendenhall talked to be about it on my trip," said Mathews. "He told me that it was a good advantage to have a full 5 years available after my mission, but didn't pressure me any which way. They're good with whatever I decide, which I appreciate."

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