And It Begins—BYU Gets First 2008 Commit

The Cougars did not waste any time getting to work on their next recruiting class. Earlier today – less than a week after Signing Day 2007 – BYU received their first commitment for 2008. The Cougars did not mess around with this first commit. They are sending a message to the big boys that there is a new kid to be reckoned with on the recruiting block.

Last year, Jordan Pendleton got the ball rolling for the Cougars by committing in mid-February. No one knew who the future 5A state MVP was back then. People are sure to recognize this year's first commit, however. After all, he is the top tight end recruit in the west and possible country.

Austin Holt made it official around four-o'clock today calling up head coach Bronco Mendenhall and telling him of the news.

"I committed and I couldn't be more happy about it," confirmed Holt. "It's something I've been pretty set on doing for almost a year now, but today I made it official, and it's just a really good feeling to have done it."

Holt is a 6-foot-5, 225-pound tight end prospect who already had offers from the likes of Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Wisconsin and Utah along with his offer from BYU. Holt has consistently been rated as one of the top if not the top tight end prospect nationally for this next crop of recruits.

A big-time tight end recruit would naturally feel the need to play for a school where the tight end is not only a big part of, but often the focal point of the school's offense. Holt felt that he found that with BYU.

"BYU has a great history of producing great tight ends," said Holt. "To have the opportunity to play and develop in a program that has produced such great tight ends was a big part of my decision."

Of course football is only one of the reasons why recruits sign with BYU out of high school.

"BYU has everything I could ever hope for," said Holt. "The spiritual and academic environment, the feeling you just get while you're down there is just incredible. Everything about BYU feels right to me and always has."

Holt has become very familiar with BYU's campus and its unique environment during the last 10 months. Holt has been a consistent feature at just about every BYU recruiting function since he attended junior day last spring.

"I know the coaches, the players, and everything very well," said Holt. "I've become very familiar with everything, and the more I learn about the program and the school, the more I love about what BYU is."

Holt confirmed that he had his mind pretty much set on BYU since last summer and that he was just waiting until LOI day concluded before he informed coaches of his decision. That word came today.

"I just thought that today was the day," said Holt. "I called up Bronco and he seemed very happy with my decision. Right after the call I received texts from just about every assistant coach congratulating me on my decision, so that was really nice."

Holt has been impressed with the Cougar head coach since he first met him during junior day last year. Holt echoed what has become the common sentiment of just about every recruit regarding Coach Mendenhall's as straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is manner.

"You know what he tells you is the truth, and that is very important to me," said Holt. "He doesn't hide anything. He lets you know exactly what BYU is, what the program is and what is expected of you."

Holt has definite mission plans, but because he turns 19 in the September after his graduation, he is not exactly sure yet if he will play a year and then leave or leave right out of high school. Regardless of when he begins his career at BYU, Holt aims to have people remember him for his accomplishments as a Cougar.

"You just look at guys that have moved on like Luke Staley and just so many others and how they're remember, and I want to be like that," said Holt. "All I can do is work as hard as I can, and hopefully things will work out. I know that BYU is the best place I can be for things to work out the way I'd like them to. Like I said, their tradition is amazing. The school has a great environment. BYU is the perfect place for me."

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