BYU Gets Second Commit in Three Days

In basketball, coaches will encourage their teams to feed the hot shooter. For BYU football, that advice may need to be adjusted to feed the hot recruiter. Cougar coaches wasted no time in following up on their huge verbal commitment from elite tight end prospect Austin Holt. Today they got a commitment from a recruit who is also among nation's best at his position.

Coach Mendenhall and his staff secured Bingham High School star and top national tight end prospect Austin Holt, who was selected as an ESPN Top 25 prospect and Army All-American Bowl first team selection. BYU's newest commit is 6-foot-2, 215-pound kicker Justin Sorensen who was also selected as a 5-A first team all-state, all-region, and most valuable kicker selection in Utah. Sorensen was also the highest kicking scorer in the state with 95 points and the nation's third highest kicking scorer who played in 14 games.

"You know how Austin Holt had committed earlier and he told me something about Coach Doman and the staff watching my highlight video on Friday," said Justin Sorensen. "So I was a bit nervous about Friday because they were going to be watching my video, and I so I was hoping that I made that video good enough so they could see what I can really do. So I sent that to them and they watched it."

Because coaches cannot initiate contact with potential recruits at this point in the recruiting process, Justin Sorensen text messaged Coach Doman. It was then that he received some very exciting news.

"I occasionally text message coach Doman because the coaches can't initiate the conversation," said Sorensen. "So I would text message him in case there was some information that I would need to know. So I got a response saying they needed my bishop's name and phone number for a reference. I called him and he offered me a scholarship. He said, ‘Hey, we decided as a coaching staff that we are going to offer you a scholarship.' It was a great feeling, I had to sit down."

Sorensen was so excited and so awestruck with what he had just heard that he committed to Coach Doman on the spot and will be calling Coach Mendenhall this afternoon to commit to him as well.

"I don't even really remember what I said," said an excited Sorensen. "I know I was standing up and had to sit down because I was so happy. I couldn't even believe it."

Sorensen may have been so excited that he couldn't remember all the details, but the one thing he does remember is that he was composed enough to say "yes" to the offer.

"Right after Coach Doman said that I could call Coach Mendenhall. I was like, ‘Well, is he there?' because I wanted to commit to him right there as well, but he had gone somewhere right after their meeting that morning.

"I'm committing to Mendenhall at 4:45 because that's when Mendenhall will be there. Had he been there I would have committed to him right on the spot. I think he'll talk to me about the extremely high standards and how you have to be top notch and stay on top of everything. I just think he'll talk to me about what he expects."

Justin thought he was the one that was overwhelmed and excited to learn he had received a scholarship offer from BYU, and to commit to Coach Doman on the spot as BYU's newest Cougar only added to his state of excitement. However, when Justin shared the news with his younger brother Josh, who was also in school at the time, he saw the true face of happiness.

"My little brother just got his Eagle Scout the other night and he mentioned while he was getting his Eagle that the happiest day of his life will be the day that he gets an offer from BYU because he is literally the biggest BYU fan I can possibly imagine," chuckled an excited Justin Sorensen. "He just kept talking about it, so today after I found out about my offer, I drove up to his middle school and told him about it."

Justin was able to share in the excitement of the day with his younger brother and big BYU fan Josh.

"I've never seen a bigger smile in my life," chuckled Justin. "He is in the ninth grade at South Jordan Middle School, so I drove down and told him and I thought I was happy. I didn't think I could get any happier but when I saw his face it was just great."

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