Comer on the Rise

Springville High School cornerback Cameron Comer has been working hard with a personal trainer during the off-season. He is also running track in an effort to improve his already good speed. Comer has great size for a cornerback, so anything he can do to develop his other skills will bring him even more recruiting attention than he is currently receiving.

It's not too often that BYU has a 6-foot-1,180-pound junior cornerback right in its own backyard, especially one with interest from colleges both in and out of state.

"I've gotten letters from Colorado, and they sent me a letter recently saying they want me to go to their camp," said Comer. "Today I got a letter from Utah."

It is not a secret that the Comer family are big BYU fans, so how does Comer feel about getting a letter from Utah?

"It's fine with me," Comer said. "The letter said that they've won the most games since the start of the Mountain West Conference. It said that Utah won like 73 games or something and that BYU has won 63 games or something like that. It's okay that they send me letters because it's not like I would go there or anything. I know my family would kill me if I went there."

Comer also received letters from BYU, Yale and Harvard.

"So I've gotten a lot of letters from Colorado and BYU," said Comer. "BYU recently sent me a post card talking about success and working hard and stuff like that. Both Harvard and Yale recently wanted to know what school I go to and my address and all that."

To further boost his stock as a D-I cornerback, Comer will hit the summer camps hard.

"My plans this summer are to go to a couple of camps," said Comer. "I'm going to the BYU camp for sure. I might go to the Colorado one, and I might go to the Oregon camp as well. I may go up to Utah State, but I'm not sure yet. I also plan on working out hard over the summer.

"Right now I'm just working out with a personal trainer. His name is Steve Comer, and he's my uncle too. He is helping me with my core training so when I go to the combine I'll be able to do those drills a lot better. He's done these kinds of training before."

Since last football season, Comer has gained around 10 pounds. By the time the season starts, he could easily add an additional five pounds to his frame. Comer is also competing in track to maintain his conditioning and increase his speed.

"I'll be running track this year and will probably just run the 100 and 200," Comer said. "We just barely started but its going good right now. I feel a lot faster and stronger than I was last year. I'm not playing basketball because I want to focus on running track this year.

"In the weight room I lift a lot with my football friends and we push each other a lot to make sure we finish our sets to get a lot stronger. My bench is at 295 right now and my vertical is between 32 and 34 inches. It's around there."

Growing up under the shadow of Y Mountain and coming from an LDS family with ties to BYU, Comer top choice is the Cougars. He hopes his hard work and effort will pay off in the end.

"BYU is my top school," Comer said. "I just like the atmosphere and how the coaches are so easy to talk too and willing to help you with anything. Coach Mendenhall is really open and straight forward. He doesn't mess around and is all business but will have fun when all the work is done."

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