Younger So'oto Wants to Follow Older Brother

Carlsbad High School defensive tackle Wally So'oto is doing well both in the classroom and on the football field. He hopes that impressive performances at summer camps and combines followed by a stellar senior campaign with be enough to persuade recruiters that he is D-I material. He is currently working hard to prepare himself for this critical time in the recruiting process.

"Right now I'm 6-0 and 255," Wally So'oto said. "In the weight room I'm doing really well, and I'm getting my max up on benching. Right now I can bench press three plates on each side [315 pounds] five times. I'm focusing more on squats and cleans because that's what our coaches want us to do more. I'm not sure what my squat is right now but I've done four plates [360 pounds], and I've haven't done my max on clean."

Earlier this week, Wally's 6-foot-4, 245-pound big brother came home to visit the family. While the Cougar tight end Vic So'oto was home, he worked out with his little brother and provided good feedback on his athletic development.

"It was a lot of fun," said Wally. "We just went out and did some forty yard sprints, and we did some practice on the shuttle runs for camps and combines. He said I was in good shape and told me that I need to continue training like that to get ready for the BYU camp. He thought I did pretty good and felt that I moved pretty fast for my size. He told me to just keep it up."

Two seasons ago, Wally was the only sophomore to be named as a first team underclassman all-state linebacker. Last season, Carlsbad High School coach Bob McAllister moved the younger So'oto to nose guard were he was able to put his quickness to good use in the trenches.

"I had a pretty good year," said So'oto. "I don't know all of my stats because we haven't gotten all that. I did pretty good. This was my first year playing D-tackle, and I think my burst off the ball really helped me a lot. That's one thing I can do really well is get a quick burst off the ball. I really like playing D-tackle a lot."

With 10 wins and two ties for the season, So'oto helped man a defensive line for a Carlsbad High School team that ended up ranked 7th in the state of California.

"We did pretty good and almost took state," said So'oto. "We almost got picked over Canyon High School to play De La Salle for the state championship. I think we could have beaten those guys."

So'oto is currently receiving letters from many Pac-10 schools as well as from a few schools in other conferences.

"I'm getting letters from Washington, Arizona, Arizona State, Florida State University, [San Diego State], and BYU," said So'oto. "I got invited to the BYU camp, and I'll be going to that. I'm going to a SDSU walkthrough thing in March."

With his older brother currently playing football at BYU, Wally mentioned that he would love to join his older brother Vic at BYU if given that opportunity.

"Oh that would be a dream come true," said So'oto. "I would love to play with football with my brother. I think that would be a lot of fun. BYU is one of my top schools and to play with him in college would be like a dream come true."

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