BYU Gets First CB Commit of 2008 Class

Bronco Mendenhall and his Cougar coaching staff received a verbal commitment today from a local cornerback prospect. He was offered by Coach Mendenhall this afternoon and wasted no time in accepting. BYU appears committed to an aggressive recruiting strategy that entails early evaluation of junior athletes and early scholarship offers for the top prospects.

Today BYU fans will be pleased to know that 6-foot-1, 180-pound cornerback Cameron Comer has verbally committed to play for BYU and Coach Bronco Mendenhall. Comer, who was clocked with a 4.56 forty, was receiving letters from Michigan, Utah, Colorado, Cal, Yale and Harvard.

"I just got done talking to Bronco," said an excited Comer. "My mom and my uncle Mark were with me when he offered me a scholarship. I committed to him right then too. I'm just really excited to know that I'm going to be at a place that I know is the right place for me. I'll be in a good environment and I know that I'll get a good education and be able to play football at a high level too."

Yesterday, Comer checked in with BYU assistant head coach Lance Reynolds and learned that the coaching staff wanted to meet with him.

"Yesterday I was text messaging Coach Reynolds and he wanted to know my Bishop's name and his number," Comer said. "I just explained to him that I knew my Bishop's name but didn't know his number. Later that night I called him and he said that he wanted to talk to me about a couple of things. I told him that I would be up there tomorrow."

Earlier today Comer, his uncle Mark, his grandfather, and his mother Gail paid a visit to Coach Mendenhall in his office. What followed next was a thrilling moment for the Comer family.

"We didn't know if Cameron was going to be offered or not," said Mark Comer. "I spoke to Cameron before and I said, ‘Cameron, I don't know if you'll get offered or not.' Cameron also didn't know and we just thought they wanted to meet with him to get to know him a little better."

"I went into Bronco's office and talked to him and he offered me a scholarship," said Cameron with excitement in his voice. "He pretty much said, ‘I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to come here. This is the only school that you get both the spirit and football.' He also told me that BYU is the third smartest school for team GPA in division one out off all 119 schools. They are two hundredths behind second place and then three hundredths behind first place or something like that. He just said that if you want to play at a high level at a school that has good academics and be close to your Heavenly Father then I don't know why you wouldn't want to come here. It pretty much made sense to me.

"After that he offered me a scholarship and said, ‘If you commit I have your word. If you commit you have to stay with it and work hard.' He was telling me stuff like that. I couldn't believe he was offering me a scholarship. I was just amazed at what he was telling me. He said, ‘If you commit I'll congratulate you, shake your hand and give you a hug.' After he said that I just said, ‘Well, I want to commit right now,' so I stood up shook his hand and gave him a hug. My uncle Mark was really excited for me and my mom was also. She told me that I made the right choice."

"I just asked Cameron if there was any other school he would rather go to than BYU," said Mark. "He just said, ‘No, there is on other school that I would rather go to than BYU. I wouldn't want to go to USC or any other place other than BYU.' So when Bronco said, ‘Hey we just want to let you know that we are giving you an offer and you can talk it over with your family, but once you let me know that you're committed, you're committed. You then let everyone else know.' You know, Bronco wasn't forcing him to do this at all. It was just stellar how Bronco does this, and Cameron just said, ‘I'm coming, I'm coming and I want to let you know that right now that I'm coming to BYU.' Everyone in the family is just so proud of him and excited for him. It's just awesome. We really didn't expect this today but this is just incredible. It's just crazy and very exciting."

"I just want to say I plan on making them proud," Comer said. "I'll do the best I can when I'm on the field to make BYU fans everywhere proud. I want to get even faster and have a goal to run a 4.4, and I want to get better at reading the quarterback's drops and with how fast I back peddle. I plan on working hard to do the best I can."

"It was just awesome," said Mark. "Bronco is such a stud; it's hard to explain. As much of a stud I thought he was before I walked in, he more so now. I was thinking there isn't one person on the face of the earth that I would want running this program other than Bronco Mendenhall."

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