Doman Set to Compete

Being the younger cousin of former starting quarterback and now quarterbacks coach Brandon Doman, Sam Doman is fully aware of his older cousin's struggles while at BYU and what materialized as a result of having endured those struggles. As he now heads into his first full season, Sam Doman is determined to end up in the same spot as Brandon did to finish up his career while at BYU.

"I want to be the BYU starting quarterback," said Sam Doman. "I have a long way to go. My technique needs a lot of work and I'm behind because of my injury last year, but I'm going to learn everything I can, try my hardest and hopefully the best will come because of it."

Doman's similarities to his older cousin don't end with him merely being down in the depth chart early in his collegiate career. Sam Doman is a very good and versatile athlete much like Brandon was. Doman demonstrated that athleticism early last season playing tight end with the scout team. Although it was his first attempt at playing the position, Doman fared extremely well.

"Yeah, I feel I did alright there," said Doman about playing tight end on last year's scout team. "I never played the position before, but people told me that I was doing very well there and Coach Anae mentions to me a lot that I should switch over, but I'm not ready. I want to be the starting quarterback."

It's not just Coach Anae that harkens to Doman consistently to switch positions, as Doman mentioned that Coach Barry Lamb and Coach Jaime Hill are constantly asking him to switch jerseys and play on the defensive side of the ball with his cousins Rex and Shawn Doman.

"Sometimes I think it would be cool to play defense with [Shawn and Rex]," said Doman. "But I'm an offensive guy. I want to play offense. I want to play quarterback."

It was about a month into fall practices when Doman broke his ankle and had to sit out the rest of the season. With just a little over a week before spring practices set to commence, Doman had the cast on his ankle removed and was again able to start working out again.

"It's going to be tough," said Doman regarding his impending uphill battle to become BYU's starting quarterback. "I'm way behind right now, not being able to workout last year. I've never really had proper coaching to play quarterback and I'm really rusty because of my injury. A lot of stuff has to go my way to be the starting quarterback, but I'm determined to do it."

Cougar fans will remember Brandon Doman's position changes and depth chart burials that almost led the older Doman to transfer while he was at BYU. The quarterback spot wasn't handed to Brandon Doman on a silver platter by any stretch of the imagination; he had to work his tail off and have some things bounce his way until he went out on top and under center.

"My family always compares me to Brandon," said Doman. "They always talk about how I'm going to be better and all that, but if I can become the starting quarterback and just match what he did, then I'll do great. I know what Brandon had to go through to be the starting quarterback. I know it's not easy."

Even as their situations are remarkably similar early on, along with the inherent athleticism both of them possess to play a variety of positions, the younger of the cousins has some distinct advantages. Sam Doman is quite a bit taller than his older cousin and has a stronger arm, but still has the same mobility that Brandon Doman showed while at BYU. But what may be Sam Doman's biggest asset is in line with his older cousin's biggest asset: his drive and determination.

"I'm determined to work as hard as I can to be the starting quarterback," reiterated Doman. "I know what it takes and I'm determined to do whatever it takes. I want to be the starting quarterback at BYU. I don't want to play another position."

For Doman being the BYU starting quarterback has always been the goal since he was a kid growing up in Oregon. BYU was his first choice of schools to attend, while quarterback was the position he wanted to play while attending BYU. This goal obviously hasn't changed.

"Playing quarterback at BYU means so much to me. I had to wait and have some things go my way to even get here to start with," said Doman. "I'm not going to give up on the chance I have to do it now. I have a lot of good guys to compete against, but I feel that I can compete and we'll see what happens because of this. I'm going to dedicate this entire year to becoming a great quarterback and then go from there. But the plan is now to be the starting quarterback at BYU and I'll do whatever it takes to be that."

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