BYU Spring Practice: Day 2

As often is the case during any practice sessions, each unit sees ebbs and flows with their overall play from practice to practice. When one side of the ball dominates one practice, it is usually met by the other side stepping up and dominating the next day. Such was the case today as the defense stepped up their game.

"We had to," said linebacker Chris Bolden. "We did much better today as a unit. [The offense] still scored a touchdown and we don't like that, but I feel we came out much better and with more enthusiasm than we did yesterday."

Defensive Highlights:

-Scott Johnson played boundary corner with the 1s today, as Kayle Buchanan was moved over to field corner because of Brandon Howard sitting out with an injury. Johnson made one of the better plays of the practice, laying out to knock down an intended pass to Ryan Neely 20 yards down field, ending a series of reps with the defense by holding the offense out of the end zone.

-Kayle Buchanan had his share of moments as well, including knocking down a pass over the middle on the very first play of the next set of reps.

-Bryan Kehl again showed very well, meeting most passes out in the flat and forcing the whistle to blow before the respective receiver could even make an initial move.

-Corby Hodgkiss had a pass deflection of a pass over the middle.

-On the very next play defensive lineman Romney Fuga knocked down a pass at the line of scrimmage, which ended that series of repetitions.

-Jadon Wagner showed very well from his outside linebacker position, recording two sacks during 11-on-11 drills.

-Austen Jorgensen did his best Bryan Kehl imitation, meeting Ray Hudson on a swing pass out in the flat for a play that went for a loss.

-Terrance Hooks then met Manase Tonga on a very similar play in the backfield for a play that went for a one-yard loss.

"We need to do that every day," said Bolden. "But we need to do it even better than we did today. Just get better and better and bring up the intensity more and more. That's what we need to do."

Cooper with the 1s

Cade Cooper got exclusive reps with the 1s today, while Max Hall played with the 2s. Cooper fared well, ending the practice with a six-yard touchdown pass to Bryce Mahuika. This was set up by Cooper completing an 11-yard pass to Vic So'oto on fourth down.

"I'm feeling more and more comfortable out there every day," said Cooper. "I feel that I know the offense well and have an understanding of what we're doing. I just need to keep competing and keep getting better."

Unofficial stats for today's practice had Cooper going 18-25 for 102 yards and a touchdown. Max Hall meanwhile went roughly 5-10 for 41 yards by our unofficial count.


-Rick Wolfley saw reps with the 1s, as Travis Bright sat out today's practice.

-Kyle Luekenga also got a chance to play defensive end with the 1s today as coaches move him around to see where he fits in best.

-Fui Vakapuna suited up and participated during light drills.

-Bingham High recruits Jordan Pendleton, Austin Holt and Derek Tuimauga were all in attendance.

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