BYU Spring Practice Report: Day 3

While it was the offensive unit that came out all hyped and celebratory the first day of practices, the defense has brought them down a bit over the last two practices. Such was the case during Thursday's practice when the unyielding defense held the offense out of the end zone during 11-on-11 drills.

"We stepped it up today for sure, but we feel we've done well every day so far," said defensive lineman Jan Jorgensen. "I swear they're doing everything they can to help them along—not counting sacks, moving the ball further than it should or whatever, but we'll be getting in pads here soon and hitting. We'll see how [the offense] responds then."

After the first day of spring practice, the offense made it a point to come out enthusiastic and celebrate after each touchdown they scored. By doing so they upped the ante in regards to enthusiasm and the defense had to respond. Kelly Poppinga made a point to mention it after the first day and the defense has worked hard to match it since.

"After that first day, no one wants to see them do that stupid little dance they did in the end zone after they scored," said Jorgenson referring to the offense's celebrating during the first day. "I mean, it's good for them. You want to see the offense do well because they're still our teammates and all that, but still, you don't want to see them jumping around off something they were able to get against you."

Hall back with the 1s, Coop with the 2s

-Max Hall took the first set of reps with the 1s during 11-on-11 drills and went 4-8-19 yards and no touchdowns. The defense held firm as Shawn Doman knocked down a pass intended for Andrew George while Bryan Kehl met running back Ray Hudson immediately in the backfield on a swing pass for a play that went for no gain.

-Cade Cooper then stepped in with the 2s and had more success going 4-6-31 yards, but he failed to get the team into the end zone. Highlights included a 16-yard pass to running back David Foote and a 10 yard toss to Tyler Kozlowski

-The next set of reps ended abruptly for Hall as he completed all three of his passes, but only for a combined four yards. Andre Saulsberry met Manase Tonga in the backfield for a loss of one on a swing pass for the chief highlight of that set of reps

-Cooper then had an impressive second stint going 6-8-63 yards and moved the offense down to the one-yard line, but the defense stiffened and prevented the score. Highlights included Cooper hitting Foote again for a 22-yard gain on the first play. Kozlowski then caught another 10-yard pass followed by Daniel Tervort hauling one in for 16 yards.

Defensive highlights included Scott Johnson knocking down a pass and Corby Hodgkiss sacking Cooper on fourth and goal from the one to end Cooper's second set of reps

-Hall saw a bit more success on his third try going 5-9-37 while taking the first-teamers clear down to the two-yard line before being held short. Highlights included consecutive passes to Andrew George of 13 and 10 yards. Bryce Mahuika made the catch of the day during this set when he dove to make a nine-yard grab.

-Kayle Buchanan stepped up big during the last set of reps making two great plays in a row as the offense drove within the 10-yard line. On the first play, Buchanan met Mahuika at the line of scrimmage on an attempted wide receiver slip-screen that went for no gain. Right after that play, Buchanan knocked a pass out of the hands of Austin Collie in the back of the end zone on an attempted fade pass.

-Andre Saulsberry saw exclusive reps with the 1s today and did very well. "I just have to do everything I can with every chance I get," said Saulsberry regarding his play. "I need to get more consistent, but I'm getting it. I know the defense now and I'm able to get more aggressive."

-Future Cougar J.J. DiLuigi was in attendance at today's practice along with his father.

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