Catching Up With CB Brandon Bradley

When BYU fans heard about an LDS African American athlete from Florida who decided to come to BYU rather than return to the Big East's Louisville following a mission, the Bradley buzz began. Listen to Bradley talk about how things are progressing in his own words.

Fans are buzzing about Brandon Bradley's future potential on the field, even though he has yet to see it, thanks to a leg injury last year. The 6-foot, 195-pound cornerback became a dream come to for a team that historically had difficulty bringing in talented freshman cornerbacks.

After serving a full-time LDS mission in Brazil, Bradley suffered a season-ending injury during voluntary workouts over the summer. That fall while Bradley was sitting on the cart watching and yelling words of encouragement to his fellow teammates, many players commented on Bradley's athleticism, work ethic and leadership prior to his injury.

One such person was 6-foot-1-inch, 205-pound senior safety David Tafuna, who had nothing but glowing comments about his new teammate after personally seeing Bradley perform over last summer. Bradley also received praise from Cameron "The General" Jensen, Bryan Kehl and Justin Robinson, among others.

Fast-forward to spring of 2007 and Brandon Bradley is slowly making progress towards fulfilling the anticipation of BYU fans and the glowing reports of past and current teammates.

In his own words, Bradley gives BYU fans an update on how he's progressing, his perspectives on spring camp and when he could possibly join his brand of brothers on the field.

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