Bolen Takes a Closer Look at BYU

Bo Bolen from Grandview High School in Aurora, Colorado made a trip out west to visit the campuses and practices of BYU and Utah this past week. Bolen is coming off of a very productive season and now hopes that schools take notice of his great play. Total Blue Sports caught up with Bolen to learn how his visits went and what he's up to these days.

Bolen is a running back who simply led the entire Colorado prep ranks in rushing last season, playing in Colorado's highest prep level. Having gained over 1,800 yards on the ground to go with 20 touchdowns, Bolen served notice to the entire state of what a great player he is.

Bolen was honored with first-team all-conference and all-state selections and is now looking forward to his final season. Bolen is also anxious to acquire options in regards to playing college football after his graduation, which is a process which has already started for the junior running back.

"Utah and BYU are giving me the most attention," said Bolen. "I know the coaches at both schools well and got to know them a little bit better on my visits."

Bolen ventured to the state of Utah to visit his brother who attends BYU, and took the opportunity to see BYU and Utah on some unofficial visits to both schools. Bolen came home impressed and had positive things to say about both programs.

"I really liked BYU," said Bolen. "The facilities they have there are amazing. I took a little tour and was able to talk to Coach Mendenhall, Coach Tidwell and to Coach Reynolds while I was there. Everything at BYU is really nice."

Bolen then took a trip a little up north to the University of Utah and came back similarly impressed with what Utah had to offer.

"I pretty much met all of the Utah coaches," said Bolen. "They all came up to meet me. I also liked their facilities. I liked the feel of their weight room. It wasn't as nice as BYU's, but had a good feel to it."

Bolen has been receiving a steady stream of letters from various programs and is hopeful that those letters continue. Bolen mentioned that he wants to have more schools take notice.

"I received a handwritten letter from Ohio State which was really cool," said Bolen. "I hope they keep writing and I hope to hear from a lot of schools."

Bolen has no offers as of yet, but is hopeful that those offers will come. In the meantime Bolen aims to improve his game and specifically improve this coming summer on his camp performances.

Recently, Bolen, at 5 foot 8 inches and 180 pounds, attended a Nike combine at Kansas City. He wasn't happy with his forty time, but excelled at lifting the 185 pound bar 22 times, similar to what a lineman would record.

"We had the wind in our face when we ran the forty," said Bolen. "So I don't think I did very well with that. I hope to get better running it this summer, along with increasing my vertical leap and everything else."

Bolen recorded a 4.9 forty at the camp with a 32 inch vertical. Both are marks he hopes to improve upon this summer.

"I need to get to where I can run at least a 4.7 forty, and I want to have a 35 inch vertical," said Bolen. "I feel that I'm a good all-around back who has a good combination of power and speed. I'm very hard to tackle in the open field."

Bolen plans on making trips to numerous camps this summer, with both BYU and Utah on his agenda.

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