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Ever wonder how a third-string freshman safety is doing this spring? How about that certain walk-on you've kept tabs on since high school? The G-Man does his best to go over each player on the spring roster and talk about what and how they're doing this spring, starting with numbers 1-25.

#1-Fui Vakapuna 6-1, 234, RB, Jr. Vakapuna has not participated in spring practices due to continued recovery of his high ankle sprain sustained last season. Recently, Vakapuna has been seen walking around without his protective boot, which is a positive. Vakapuna should be ready to go full-speed come fall.

#2-Bryce Mahuika 5-9, 185, HR, Jr. Mahuika has been a steady performer throughout spring practices, getting all his reps with the 1s at the HR position.

#3 Michael Reed 6-1, 202, WR, Jr. Reed has without question been the most consistent and impressive wide receiver this spring. A lot of this is of course in part to both Matt Allen and Austin Collie being held out of full-contact drills due to their respective injuries. Reed has been the go-to guy on the outside with every scrimmage being run thus far.

#4 Brandon Howard 5-9, 170, CB, So. Howard has seen a lot of work with the 1s on defense and has shown well. Howard has gained a lot of muscle since last season and has made some nice plays during scrimmages. Howard will certainly be in the mix to break the two-deep at cornerback, if not start come the first game of the 2007 season.

#5 Brandon Bradley 6-0, 195, CB, Fr. Like all of you, I'm very anxious to see this impressive-looking athlete play. He's yet to complete even one full-contact rep while at BYU, but looks close to seeing a full-practice regimen. Bradley is running full-speed and should be ready to go come fall, which will add a lot more intrigue and depth to the cornerback position.

#6 Cade Cooper 6-3, 205, QB, Jr. You can't help but draw Jason Beck comparisons when watching Cooper play ball. Cooper has a very similar style and athletic traits to those of Ja. Beck. While he's still battling it out with Max Hall for the starting job Cooper has proven that he's a Division 1 caliber player in my mind.

Cooper has shown a good grasp of the offense and is well-aware of what he can and can't do on the field. He plays within himself very well and will be a solid backup at the very least while at BYU.

#7 Sam Doman 6-4, 228, QB, Fr. Doman has been very limited in his reps due to an abdominal strain sustained the very first day of practices. Doman is slowly been working his way back, but it's impossible to evaluate his progress thus far.

#9 Austin Collie 6-2, 212, WR, So. Collie came out on fire quickly, establishing himself as a top option for Hall and Cooper. He hurt his shoulder and has been limited in his reps since the first scrimmage, however. There is no good reason to believe that Collie will be anything but a top offensive option at receiver this coming fall.

#10 Matt Allen 6-0, 177, WR, Sr. Matt Allen obviously has little to prove or gain during spring practices due to his vast experience, and has sat out of contact drills. Allen will run again in the regular wide receiver rotation this coming season.

#10 Jeff Sorenson 5-8, 187, CB, Fr. Sorenson has seen a lot of work with the 2s playing cornerback and has done some good things during scrimmages. Sorenson will be leaving for an LDS mission this summer.

#11 Manase Tonga 6-0, 234, FB, Jr. Tonga has been sitting out of full-contact reps as of late, but is healthy. Tonga obviously doesn't need a full slate of reps as he's started at fullback during each of his first two seasons. He looks a lot stronger this spring, which should help a lot with his lead-blocking responsibilities.

#11 Parker Mangum 6-4, 205, QB, So. Mangum hasn't seen any reps playing quarterback during 11-on-11s as of yet, so it's hard to evaluate anything he's done thus far.

#12 Brenden Gaskins 6-5, 220, QB, So. Right now Gaskins is firmly entrenched as the third quarterback. Gaskins has seen very limited work during 11-on-11s as Cooper and Hall continue to battle it out for the starting slot.

#13 Nate Hutchinson 6-3, 187, WR, So. Hutchinson looks a lot more comfortable playing at receiver than he did at cornerback. While he saw some good production early on he's dropped off since then, seeing most of his reps with the 2s.

#14 Corby Hodgkiss 5-11, 206, S, Sr. Hodgkiss has been seeing most of his reps with the 1s this spring while subbing in for Dustin Gabriel at strong safety. Hodgkiss has been consistent and has made some impressive plays during most scrimmages.

#14 Tyler Kozlowski 5-9, 170, WR, Fr. Kozlowski has done some good things running with the second-teamers. Most scrimmages see Kozlowski getting at least one catch, as he's been able to get open while running solid routes.

#15 Max Hall 6-1, 200, QB, So. Hall has shown well during most practices thus far. He's had his struggles like Cooper, but has come through in more situations than not so far. Hall has also shown to be a good leader who gets his teammates to respond positively to him.

Hall has shown to have the best grasp of the offense of any of the quarterbacks so far. A large part of this of course is due to his being in the program more than the other quarterbacks. Unless the existing quarterbacks can close the gap in regards to grasping and thriving in the Cougar offense, Hall will be the starter for 2007.

#16 Kellen Fowler 5-11, 190, S, Jr. Fowler adds quality depth to a very deep safety position in the Cougar defense. Fowler has been seeing most of his reps with the 2s playing mostly at the strong safety position. Fowler is a solid player who always practices well.

#17 Chris Warner 6-1, 191, S, Jr. Warner tore his ACL during the second week of practices and will be sitting out the 2007 season. Warner was planning for a redshirt year anyway, which puts a silver-lining in his injury. Warner, along with Fowler, could very well be the starting safeties for the 2008 season.

#18 Aaron Attig 6-2, 204, S, So. Attig is with the third-string and has seen some work with the 2s this spring. Attig hasn't done much to break the two-deep at the very deep safety position, but could very well be an option in the coming years.

#18 Reed White 5-11, 190, WR, Jr. White has had a very solid spring, consistently emerging as the lead receiver with the second-team offense. He could very well establish himself as the fourth wide receiver this coming fall.

#19 Andre Saulsberry 5-10, 178, CB, Jr. Saulsberry has really shown improvement this spring. Consistency and toughness is what he needed to acquire to be someone coaches could depend on in game situations. Saulsberry has shown both attributes throughout the spring. He will make a strong bid to be on the two-deep roster this coming all.

#21 Ben Criddle 6-0, 185, CB, Sr Criddle hasn't practiced this spring due to injury, but will be ready to go this fall, starting at boundary corner for his final season as a Cougar.

#21 Ryan Folsom 5-11, 195, RB, Fr. Folsom has seen a ton for work this spring playing running back due to a lot of injuries at the position. Folsom has shown well and could become a factor in later years. Regardless, Folsom is providing some valuable practice play for the entire team this spring.

#22 Ray Hudson 5-9, 189, RB, Jr. Hudson has been somewhat limited due to injury, but is battling every time he's in there, making a bid for some reps during the season. Hudson is hitting the hole better this spring, but still needs work on pass protection and with catching the ball out of the backfield.

#23 David Tafuna 6-1, 206, S, Sr. Tafuna has had some very good scrimmages at safety. He has seen reps at both strong and free safety and could make a strong bid to be the starting strong safety this fall if Gabriel can't play due to his injury problems. Tafuna has game experience and is a good option at either of the safety positions.

#24 Kurt McCuen 6-2, 205, QB, So. Right now McCuen is the fourth quarterback on the team and is looking to surpass Gaskins on the depth chart. McCuen has shown a stronger and more accurate arm than his counterparts who are currently battling behind Cooper and Hall.

#24 Matt Winn 6-0, 180, CB, Fr. Winn has shown well in spots playing with the 2s during scrimmages. While it's doubtful he'll break the two-deep this coming fall, Winn could emerge in future years.

#25 Quinn Gooch 6-0. 196, S, Sr. Gooch is the leader of the defensive backs and has had a good spring thus far. Gooch obviously has little to prov,e as he will be the starter at free safety this coming fall.

#25 David Foote 5-11, 185, RB, Fr. Foote is a bit of a Folsom clone and has seen similar work to that of Folsom so far this spring.

TBS will continue to run down each number on the roster each day leading up to the Blue and White game.

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