No Man Left Behind

The Coaching staff has used a motto over the past year to help mold togetherness. After this weekend's incident involving both Terrance Hooks and Vic So'oto, we can now add the motto "No Man Left Behind" to BYU's "Band of Brothers" motto.

The details of exactly what had happened were known right after it occurred. In fact, all of the details were discussed even before Coach Anae and Coach Mendenhall received the news. A full detailed report was given and the situation kept up to date over the entire weekend.

However, BYU fans need to understand something here. The first and foremost priority we at TBS have as a staff is to be as accurate and fair to the players and program as possible. This takes precedence over anything else, as it should, and is why it was kept quiet so things could be worked out internally so as not to bring any unfair stress, concerns or problems to Vic So'oto, Terrance Hooks, their families or BYU. Everything was explained to me right after it happened. However, like I said, I was NOT going to give out all the details as per the family's wishes and for the other reasons already explained.

However, I think we need to put things into perspective here so people have the right understanding of the situation concerning the two "Band of Brothers" that were involved. Terrence was defending his girlfriend who was being bombarded by water balloons. He got upset that some college idiots were hitting her with water balloons. While various sources are reporting that only two individuals, a young man and woman, threw the balloons, sources close to the players said that five young men were involved. Terrence's girlfriend went to him and he told those five guys to cut it out. Then those same five guys threw water balloons at him and taunted him, saying, "Why don't you come up here and do something about it?" Basically, Terrence went and told Vic, who then left the dance at UVSC and went to make sure nothing happened to Terrance who wanted to put a stop to the matter.

They went up to the five guys, who ran into their apartment, closed the door behind them and hid. Caught up in the moment of anger, the door was kicked open. This I would agree was going a little too far, but to say the reason they got suspended was due to their intent on "busting into people's apartments and looking for fights" is not an accurate assessment of the situation, nor was that their intent.

Trust me, if Terrance and Vic wanted to kick someone's rear ends they could have easily done so, but they didn't, so it's a little unfair to assess the situation as if this was their intent. As I've mentioned in my previous posts, there was no physical assault and there was no burglary.

Was there verbal assault? Yes. However, under the conditions of your girlfriend being bombarded and then you being the target of "trouble makers," as was reported by their neighbors in the local newspapers, who wouldn't have responded this way? Does anyone actually think this really is a "felony burglary" and that they will be prosecuted as such? If so, I've got some great deals on some oceanfront property in Nevada for sale.

They did not go out looking for trouble and Vic followed Terrance to make sure nothing happened to him as he was trying to defend himself and his girlfriend as silly as the whole situation may be. Even as we speak Terrance is manning up and taking all of the blame, but again I ask the question, "Who wouldn't have responded this way in this given circumstance as a 19 year old attending college?"

Terrance did walk into the apartment and chewed out those hiding within. Vic stepped into the apartment and called for Terrance to come out, which he did. As the boys were leaving, the cops showed up. Let me ask you the question, "What was the first thing that these cops were thinking?" And, "What do you think went through their minds after seeing Vic and Terrance walking out of an apartment?"

The sergeant at the police station told the arresting police officer that he should have given both Vic and Terrance a warning and maybe a fine to pay for the door. This I agree with since no physical harm was done to those who instigated the situation. Instead, both Vic and Terrance were taken to the county jail and had to sit there over Easter weekend because no judge would be on hand until Monday for a hearing.

I give credit to Vic in making sure nothing happened to his brother. I give credit to Terrance for trying to put a stop to a bunch of trouble makers who were assaulting others.

Although I don't condone kicking in someone's door to make a point, I do give credit for them not taking it further. How can one not give credit to two testosterone filled football players who are used to beating up on other D-1 football players for not pounding assaulting and taunting punks standing on a balcony. It kind of puts a little more context to the matter.

I give credit to both players for at least keeping their heads about them and for not physically assaulting five guys that probably needed a good butt kicking.

I give credit to Vic who told his father from the jail cell that if he gets out of jail first and Terrance had to stay, he would stay with him. I give credit to Terrance for being humble and taking all of the blame. I give credit to Coach Mendenhall for creating the culture of what we call "The Band of Brothers."


I expect both Terrance and Vic to be released today with no "burglary charges" made. I expected both Terrance and Vic to have been suspended for taking things a little too far, but again, who wouldn't have? I expected Coach Mendenhall to make the suspensions public, which was done, because he has to for consistency reasons and because a police report was filed. Coach Mendenhall will further use this experience to mold character and further develop his band of brothers.

I expect both Terrance and Vic to miss the rest of spring camp but will still be on the team. I expect both to be involved with the team come fall practice. As I've mentioned before, I expect this to turn out to be nothing serious when it's all said and done. In fact, I would suspect down the road that both Vic and Terrance will look back on this one day and together laugh about it.

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