Cougars #51 through #75

In the next phase of the of the ultimate spring practice reference guide, the G-man runs down roster numbers 51 through 75. These numbers are populated primarily by the big uglies—who have shown well as a group. BYU is deeper than it has been in years along the offensive line and that bodes well for the future of Cougar football.

#51 Mark Freeman 6-0, 285 OL, Fr. Freeman has been getting a lot of work playing center with the second-team. Freeman has fared well and may be someone who will be breaking the two-deep roster somewhere down the line.

#51 Franco Improta 6-0, 210 LB, So. Importa has seen spot duty with the second and third teams this spring. He showed up big in the first live scrimmage knocking down a pass in the end zone which prevented a touchdown.

#52 Russell Tialavea 6-3, 300 DL, So. Tialavea has been in every drill this spring and continues to improve. He's the solid anchor of the 3-4 defense and should have a very successful season come fall.

#53 Tom Sorensen 6-5, 315 OL, So. Sorensen has been held out of contact drills all spring as he recovers from his ACL injury. Sorensen could probably play right now if he had to, but coaches are being careful with him. They can afford to be careful with Sorensen as he proved his worth last fall prior to his injury.

Sorensen adds great depth at the OL position at the very least. Last fall, he was competing hard for the center spot and was ticketed to get reps at offensive guard had he not been hurt. Sorensen will be in the mix. Just how much and exactly where he will be in the mix will be something to watch this fall.

#54 Kyle Luekenga 6-3, 278 DL, Jr. Luekenga's spring was cut short due to a shoulder injury. Luekenga could have really used spring to establish himself and will have his work cut out for him again if he's to break the two-deep come fall at either the nose tackle or defensive end position.

#55 Jeff Rhea 6-4. 295 OL, Sr. Rhea has been out all spring due to injury. Rhea will be back come fall and will add valuable depth.

#55 Skyler Stephens 6-0, 219 LB, So. Stephens has seen most of his work with the second and third teams. He's made some good run stops throughout the spring and adds quality depth to BYU's already deep linebacker corps.

#56 Matt Putnam 6-7, 245 DL, Fr. Putnam has performed well in his first full practice session since his mission. Putnam has started to assert himself of late and is an interesting option given his stature at the defensive end position. He could be an impressive force once he puts some more beef on his long frame.

#57 John Pace 6-2, 210 DS, Fr. Pace is number one on the depth chart as of right now at the deep-snapping position. He's proven to be more consistent than Brett Denney at this point although Denney has a quicker release and more speed on the snap.

#58 Jeff Bell 6-0, 228 LB, So. Bell got reps in place of Terrance Hooks yesterday at one of the inside linebacker positions with the 2s. Bell showed well making a tackle in the backfield.

#60 Ryan Freeman 6-2, 269 OL, So. Freeman has not participated in practices due to injury and will be leaving for a mission after spring practices end.

#64 R.J. Willing 6-5, 300 OL, So. Willing is getting a lot of valuable reps playing left tackle with the 1s. He's been there for just about every rep this spring in place of the injured Dallas Reynolds and is getting his true freshman form back.

#65 Dallas Reynolds 6-5, 328 OL, Jr. Reynolds has been out all spring due to injury, but should be ready to go come fall.

#66 Garrett Reden 6-3, 273 OL, Fr. Reden looks to be a sort of utility backup this year as he's played all three offensive line positions this spring. Reden has seen most of his work at left tackle and center.

#67 Sete Aulai 6-1, 297 OL, Sr. Aulai is the leader in the middle of the Cougar offensive line. He's been very vocal and his line-mates have responded positively to him this spring. Aulai is a very important cog in the Cougar offensive front.

#68 David Oswald 6-8, 325 OL, Jr. Oswald has quietly gone about his business this spring seeing every single rep at right tackle with the 1s. Oswald really started to come on toward the end of last season and has only worked to improve this spring.

#69 Jon Barrett 6-0, 328 OL, So. Barrett has been playing OG and a little bit of center this spring running with the second and third teams.

#71 Rick Wolfley 6-3, 326 OL, Fr. Wolfley has played just about every rep with the 2s this spring and has filled in occasionally with the 1s. Wolfley has looked much more confident and precise in his blocking assignments and could break the two-deep roster this fall.

#72 Nick Alletto 6-6, 275 OL, Fr. Alletto has been a mainstay at the left tackle position this spring with the second-teamers. Alletto is getting a lot of valuable work done and is one of the few offensive linemen on the team that could actually stand to put on a little weight. Alletto has a bright future ahead of him.

#73 Jason Speredon 6-5, 275 OL, Fr. It's been great to see Speredon actually able to practice. It's been one injury after another since he's returned from his mission, but Speredon has been healthy this spring and has put a lot of work in playing right tackle with the 2s.

#74 Travis Bright 6-5, 314 OL, Jr. Bright has played very well this spring and the difference when he is out is often stark. Bright is a very imposing lineman who should have a very good 2007 season.

#75 Walter Kahaialii 6-3, 320 OL, Fr. Kahaialii has seen just about every rep with the 2s playing left guard. He has been able to fill in on occasion with the 1s. Kahaialii plans to leave on his LDS mission next January, so he will be around to provide depth and fill in when needed next fall.

Tune in tomorrow when the G-man counts down numbers 76-99

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