Cougars #76 through #99

The G-man closes out his four-part series by counting down the final 24 numbers on the Cougar football roster. TBS has been at each practice session and has kept close tabs on every player. Included in this report are the players donning the numbers 76 through 99 consisting primarily of defensive linemen and receivers.

#76 Ray Feinga 6-5, 322 OL, Jr. Feinga has had a great spring heading into the Blue and White game. Feinga has always been full of potential and is finally reaching that talent coming off of a solid season. Feinga has simply proven to be the most dominating offensive lineman on the team from our perspective.

Look for Feinga to have a breakout year while becoming one of the more dominating offensive guards ever to pass through the program. Together with Travis Bright and Sete Aulai, Feinga looks to dominate the middle of the line of scrimmage this coming season.

#77 Ian Dulan 6-1, 274 DL, So. Last fall little if anything was expected from Dulan, but we soon saw him getting all of his reps with the first team defense. We were left wondering if Bronco was using him to play mind-games with the older DLs on the team or if Dulan was simply that good. The latter proved to be true.

Dulan missed the last half of the season due to injury, but is back full force this spring and hasn't missed a beat. Dulan will only prove better this coming season having made the strong impact he did last season.

#79 Mark Fitu 6-0, 310 DL, Fr. Fitu hands-down wins the award for having the biggest set of calves on the team and maybe in the history of Cougar football. Fitu is very raw, but is getting valuable reps playing in the middle of the defensive line.

#80 Matt Marshall 5-11, 185 WR, Fr. Marshall has occasionally seen reps with the second-team and has made some catches in scrimmages, but is currently playing behind both David Kozlowski and Reed White.

#82 Ryan Neeley 6-0, 176 WR, Jr. Those who read this site consistently know that I've been a big Neeley fan since last season. Neeley is someone who practices very well and has seen his share of reps with the 1s this spring playing in place of Matt Allen and occasionally for Austin Collie who has battled with his shoulder injury. Neeley could very well see some reps during games this coming year.

#83 Saia Hafoka 5-9, 180 HR, Jr. Hafoka started strong, but hasn't been able to practice as of late with yet another injury.

#84 Jan Jorgensen 6-3, 260 DL, So. Jorgensen has oddly enough become the elder statesmen of the starting defensive line as merely a sophomore. He's clearly established himself as a team leader and backs it up with his consistent and often dominating play. Jorgensen has proven consistent as ever while adding strength to help out with his run-stopping skills.

#85 Andrew Beck 5-10, 185 WR, Jr. Beck is seemingly running right behind Neeley and right in front of Kozlowski and White given the amount of reps he sees with the first and second team offensive units. Beck is a solid receiver who could step in to get some reps if the need arises.

#86 Daniel Tervort 5-11, 180 HR, So. Tervort is often the go-to guy with the second-teamers. If we were to go back and tally the receptions of each receiver throughout spring I'd wager that Tervort would have the most catches on the second team. Tervort has also seen reps with the 1s and does good work with most practices.

#88 Andrew George 6-5, 240 TE, So. George has had somewhat of a quiet spring in comparison to Dennis Pitta and Vic So'oto. He's made some nice plays, but hasn't equaled the production of the other two. George has showed his best work near the end zone where his size and leaping ability play greatly the offense's advantage.

#89 Brock Hansen 6-2, 225 TE, So. The converted quarterback has seen an immediate increase in reps due to the recent suspension of So'oto. Hansen has done well with these reps catching a couple of touchdowns during 11-on-11 drills.

#90 Mosese Foketi 6-0, 270 DL, Jr. Foketi has sat out of all contact drills due to his wrist injury. Foketi has his work cut out of him this fall as he tries to crack the regular defensive line rotation.

#91 Judd Anderton 6-5. 270 DL, Jr. Anderton has sat out all of spring with injury. Come fall Anderton could prove to be the answer on who will rotate with Tialavea at the nose tackle position.

#92 Brett Denney 6-4, 251 DL, So. Denney seemed like a fish out of water last year as his natural abilities seemed to make him a better fit to play DE in a 4-3 system. Denney has adjusted, however and has worked as hard as anyone in becoming a quality end.

Denney has shown notable improvement this spring and has consistently made plays with the second team during scrimmages. Look for Denney to make a strong bid to become a regular in the DL rotation come this fall.

#93 Sean Sullivan 6-3, 240 DL, Sr. Sullivan has had a nice spring finally getting most of his reps with the second-teamers. As a senior Sullivan may finally get some playing time this coming season as he's shown well this spring.

#94 Brock Richardson 6-3, 265 DL, Jr. Richardson has seen most of his work with the third-team and has occasionally seen action with the 2s this spring.

#95 Ben Poole 6-5, 250 DL, Jr. Poole showed well recording some sacks early on during practices, but hasn't caught my notice recently. Poole has seen most of his time with the third-team and therefore hasn't seen many reps during 11-on-11 drills.

#98 Romney Fuga 6-1, 301 DL, Jr. Fuga has done an effective job again as Tialavea's primary backup. Fuga would undoubtedly assume the same position this fall, but will be leaving for a church mission soon after spring practice concludes.

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