Yeck Visiting BYU

Growing things big in Texas certainly rings true in 6-foot-8-inch, 260-pound offensive tackle Michael Yeck. Yeck has received quite a bit of interest both in and out of the state, and is now in Provo to visit BYU with his family.

Offensive tackle Michael Yeck, out of Keller High School in Texas, is fast-becoming a hot prospect, with six offers firmly in hand and possibly more to come in the near future. The tall and nimble-footed Yeck is gaining more and more interest every day.

"The schools that have offered me are Kansas State and Kansas," said big Michael Yeck. "Also, I was offered by the University of Houston, Missouri, BYU and Utah.

"Texas Tech is supposed to offer me pretty soon, but I'm not sure how interested I'm going to really be in them. I don't know, out of the choices I have already I can't see Texas Tech…I'm sure Texas Tech is a fine program, but you know. I went down to Junior Day at Texas A&M a little while ago and got a chance to look around. I was pretty impressed with them but I'm not sure if they are going to offer me or not. I'm just kind of on their mailing list right now."

Kansas State was the first to offer the big Texan from Keller High School. Yeck has been impressed with Kansas State and wants to take a further look at the Wildcats.

"This kind of all started when I went to a football camp out at Kansas State," said Yeck. "They said that I was a pretty good football player and they were the first to offer me. I've been up there and I've talked with Coach Ron Prince a lot and the other assistant coaches and I really like them.

"I've been up there for a couple of games and was actually up there at the game when they beat Texas. That was pretty exciting. Kansas State is someone that I definitely want to look at further. I was definitely impressed with them. They are one of the schools that I'm considering right now."

Michael Yeck has been impressed with the Kansas State coaching staff, which is another reason why he wants to take a further look.

"Yeah I was impressed with their coaches," Yeck said. "We were really impressed with Ron Prince and think he's a great coach. Also the whole atmosphere with the football team and stuff, I really got a good vibe from them."

Since Yeck has also received a full- ride scholarship offer from the Utah, he flew down a day early and was on the UofU campus on Friday to check out the facilities and to talk with Coach Whittingham.

"I was actually just earlier today visiting Utah," said big Michael Yeck. "We were in the area and I plan on going to the BYU spring game tomorrow, so we flew up a day early to take a tour of the UofU.

So what did he think?

"My dad and I were really impressed," Yeck said. "I mean, they have great facilities and good coaches. I was really impressed and got a chance to sit down and talk with Coach Whittingham. I was impressed with him."

"Utah actually offered me before BYU did. They texted me and said, ‘Hey we think you're a good football player and we like your flexibility and stuff.' After that they went ahead and offered me."

Having already been on a few campuses that have either offered or expressed interest, Yeck will attend the BYU Cougar fireside tonight and then be on BYU's campus tomorrow for the first time. If he liked Utah's facilities and Kansas State's vibe, chances are he'll be impressed with his BYU experience today and tomorrow.

"We're going to go check out the fireside tonight at 7:00," Yeck said. "Then tomorrow I plan on going to the Junior Day and then to their spring game.

"On Junior Day's usually you meet and talk with the head coach and the other recruits that they have, and then you go on tours of the locker rooms, weight rooms that they have, their training facilities and their indoor facilities that they have. This Junior Day [at BYU] is kind of different because it's built around their spring game. I'm definitely looking forward to it. I'm pretty excited."

Since he's been up here, Yeck has really enjoyed the Utah view.

"You know, I grew up in Texas where it's completely flat," Yeck said. "All of the mountains here are great. I love the mountains and I love hiking and backpacking and stuff like that. Being here and seeing all of the mountains and the snow on top of the mountains are just awesome. I'm thinking if I lived up here the scenery would be a lot better. I really like Utah."

Much like his mother and father, Yeck had played basketball all of his life, but then switched his focus more at football once he began to excel more at the sport.

"I actually did play basketball pretty much all of my life," Yeck said. "Both of my parents were basketball players. My dad didn't play in college but my mom played for Ricks College, which is now BYU Idaho. She played basketball and volleyball there and was an All-American at Ricks College.

"I played basketball last year and it turned that I was better at football. I realized I probably had a better future in it so. Right now I'm 6 feet 8 inches and 260 [pounds]."

Because of his family affiliation with the BYU Idaho campus, Yeck has grown up following BYU basically all of his life.

"My parents went there and it's kind of a family thing," said Yeck. "Everyone in my family pretty much went there. My two sisters graduated from BYU Idaho, and I was always kind of told that I could one day go and play for BYU. They always said I would have to be really good to get in, so I used to think, ‘Oh, I'm not good enough to get in with basketball.' But then it turns out that football came along."

"BYU is kind of the only college that I've grown up following," said Yeck. "My parents went there for a year. I've kind of grown up thinking that I would like to go to BYU but now that I have all of these other choices I kind of want to consider my other options."

Aside from the family affiliation to BYU, another attraction to BYU for Michael is the fact that he is a Latter-day Saint.

"Yeah, definitely," said Yeck. "You know, going to school and trying to find a wife and all that. There are a lot of good LDS women there and that's one thing that I was impressed about with the University of Utah. There's the Mormon population thing."

When Yeck gets on campus at BYU, he's going to be looking for a few things.

"The facilities are always a big plus," said Yeck. "I also went to Oklahoma's Junior Day and one thing they said was, ‘Oh, we may not have the biggest weight room but it's really more of what you've done in the weight room.' You know, that's true but it's always nice to work out at a nice place. The facilities are one thing I'm going to look at, but I'm also going to try and pay attention to what the coaches say. You're going to be spending a lot of time with these coaches."

One aspect that is important to Yeck is how the coaches are as people and how he and the players interact with them. He understands that he will be mentored by these men and wants to make sure he fits in well with them.

"Yeah that's pretty much it," said Yeck. "I want to see how I would fit in and stuff. I'm not sure if I'll have the opportunity to do this tomorrow or not with universities down the road, but I would like to meet up with some of the players at the universities and talk to them to see how they fit with the program, the people there and their teammates that go to that school."

On top of fitting in well with his coaches and feeling comfortable with the university environment, Yeck also wants to check out the academics the university offers. This is also something he wants to look into at BYU.

"I definitely want to look into academics," Yeck said. "Getting a scholarship is about playing football and stuff, but it's also about getting an education. That's one of the reasons you go to college. I do want to get an education while I'm in college. If I'm able to play after college that would be great, but getting a good education and being able to support a family is a priority for me and what I'm looking for."

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