Nicholson Weighing His Options

Garrett Nicholson has been busy these past few weeks, attending various functions of college suitors. The West High cornerback prospect is getting most of his attention locally, although some outside schools have shown some interest. One out-of-state school in particular has been showing a lot of interest as of late.

"Colorado is showing me a lot of interest," said West High cornerback Garrett Nicholson. "I went out to their junior day about a month ago and loved it."

Visiting the Boulder campus was Nicholson's first out-of-state experience on the recruiting front and opened his eyes to what was out there.

"I really liked it out there," said Nicholson. "I really liked the coaches. They have a great coaching staff there and they really know what they're doing. I feel that their program is going to get really good. I'm anxious to see how they do this year."

Although Colorado is keeping constant contact with the 5-foot-10-inch, 175-pound cornerback prospect from West High School, Nicholson has yet to receive a formal scholarship offer from the school.

"Hopefully I'll get an offer from them soon," said Nicholson. "I do know that they're interested and playing for Colorado would be great."

Another school that has shown a lot of interest, but has yet to make an offer, is the University of Utah. Living just a few blocks from the Utah campus, Nicholson has been able to familiarize himself very well with the school and with the football program there.

"Coach Gary Anderson texts me all the time," said Nicholson. "So I have a lot of contact there. I've also been to a couple of practices there this spring and really enjoyed them."

Nicholson cited Utah's coaching staff and the caliber of athlete Utah recruits as things that have peaked his interest.

"They always get good athletes there, the sort of athletes that will make Utah good for a long time in future years," said Nicholson. "They have a good program and I like the coaches."

The one school who has offered Nicholson so far is BYU, which Nicholson named as his "favorite" a short time back, but has since backed off that statement.

"I really like BYU, but I really don't have a favorite right now," said Nicholson. "I guess I'd say BYU is my favorite since they're the only school who has offered me, but I'm wide open in considering other things right now."

Nicholson attended junior day at BYU with his father this past weekend and came away impressed with what he saw on campus and at the Blue and White game.

"I know the coaches at BYU very well," said Nicholson. "So there weren't any surprises there. I like the coaches there a lot and I have a lot of confidence in them. I really liked watching the defense at the blue and white game. They were very precise and knew what they were doing. You could tell that the players are very well-coached, which I like a lot."

"I also like the campus at BYU," continued Nicholson. "It's a good feeling when you're down there. BYU has the sort of campus where I'd love to attend school."

So when will the senior to-be prospect make his decision on where to sign his letter of intent?

"I probably won't decide until after the football season," answered Nicholson. "At that time I'll better be able to see how the programs are doing, what coaches will be back, which players will be back and all that."

Nicholson will also have given himself time to receive a greater amount of offers, each of which he'll consider with care.

"I want to go to the school where I feel I can fit in best and improve most as a player," said Nicholson. "I'll watch all the schools that are recruiting me very closely this coming year, see what they have coming back and how they look like they'll do in the future and then decide."

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