Top Colorado RB Interested In BYU

Colorado's Grandview High School possesses one of the top junior running backs in the state, who held his own against the two best senior running backs in the Rocky Mountain state.

Now heading into his senior season, Bo Bolen is poised to be the top running back in the entire state of Colorado. This LDS ball-carrier, whose mother is Samoan and father is Caucasian, looks to continue his instate prowess.

"I'm 5'9" and 180 pounds," Bolen said. "I think I'm quicker than most have said. I ran a 4.7 but that was electrically timed. My fastest hand time was a 4.5 and 4.6. My shuttle is a 4.2 and I plan on getting that down also. It was a little slower than I wanted it to be.

"I've been to two SPARQ combines and that's where I ran the 4.7 forty and the 4.2 shuttle. I benched 185 [pounds] 22 times. I maxed out at 275. I also had a 32.8 vertical that was measured at the SPARQ combine. In our weight room I cleaned 265 and then I squatted 365."

"I ended up on the season with 1,812 yards on 226 carries," Bolen said. "That's around eight yards-per-carry, and I only fumbled it twice. I only lost one of those fumbles, so I only turned the ball over once last year.

"We played 11 games, 9 regular season and two playoff games. We lost in the second round, which was frustrating, but what can you do? I scored 20 touchdowns on the seasons, 19 on the ground and one through the air."

The coaches at Grandview High School's use a lot of zone running within their offense. This means the running back has to be able to quickly read the holes being developed by the o-line and choose the right gaps.

"We run a lot of zone last year, but we do a little bit of everything in our offense," said Bolen. "We try to incorporate a lot of different aspects into our offense, but I think I'm a good zone runner. I understand how to read it but can always get a little better, but for the most part I understand how to read the tackles and run between the tackles.

"I feel I have power but also have the speed to make open field moves. I think I am more dangerous when I'm in the open field and can make the moves to get those extra yards."

Bolen's on-field performances earned him some top honors within the state of Colorado as a junior athlete playing in division 5-A football.

"I got First Team All-Conference. I was First Team All-State Colorado," Bolen said. "I was also selected as First Team All-State Academics. For my last semester I had a 3.8 or a 3.9 GPA. Also half way through the season I was selected as the American Furniture Warehouse's Athlete of the Week."

"I was one of the top running backs in the state," Bolen said. "There were two others that got All-Colorado. I was up there with them but there were these two guys, Philip Morally, and I forgot the name of the other guy, but they got All-Colorado and then me. These guys were seniors so I think this year I should be coming in as the favorite."

Bolen has been receiving some recruiting attention for both his accomplishments in the classroom and on the field.

"I have been receiving some letters but I don't know how serious they are," said Bolen. "I have been getting a lot though. I got some today from Wyoming and Arkansas. I normally get some from Kansas State and pretty much all of the Ivy League schools.

"I get a lot from the University of Utah. I've gotten some from Stanford and I get a lot from Missouri and I've gotten a letter from Miami. I've gotten one from Ohio State and some from Cal, Louisville. Nebraska has sent me some and Utah State and Duke. I've gotten some from Penn and Idaho State."

Bolen felt that BYU may have thought he was listed as a senior last year within their data base, which would account for the reasons why he didn't receive much interest from the Cougar program.

"I think in their database they had me listed as a senior," said Bolen. "I think that's why they may not have been recruiting me too hard. When we went out and visited them I told them I was only a junior. Since then I think they've started to send me more."

During spring camp, the Bolen family drove down to BYU for a voluntary visit. They attended practice, saw the campus facilities and gave the Cougar staff some highlight videos.

"It was really cool down there and I really liked the facilities," Bolen said. "It was really nice, especially the locker rooms. It seemed like a professional locker room, which was amazing. I also liked their weight room a lot. That was definitely one thing that stuck out with me. I was also able to talk to the coaches a little bit and let them know who I was.

"I was able to watch their practice inside the big indoor practice facility. Man, those guys are huge! It was pretty cool watching them play. I really liked watching the practice and I thought it was intense. It was a lot faster pace than our high school practices, which I liked a lot. It's a little different in college than it is in high school."

Because of how he was raised, Bolen feels that BYU would be the best fit for him to continue playing football at the college level.

"I think a lot of it is because I'm an LDS athlete," said Bolen. "If they ever offered me a football scholarship they would be more understanding of me serving a mission than a lot of the other schools. They would be understanding of that and would honor me leaving to serve a mission and would hold that offer for me when I returned. I think that is one thing that sticks in my mind a lot about BYU. I'm definitely going to serve a mission and wouldn't have to worry about not having a scholarship when I got home.

"It just seems like BYU has the type of environment that I want to be around if I went to college. There wouldn't be any pressure from your teammates to go out and do things you might not want to do. It would be a place I would feel comfortable at."

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