BYU Commit Represents During USC Nike Camp

Junior Second Team All-State defensive back selection Daniel Sorensen attended a recent Nike Camp at USC, where 200 of the top players in the west were expected. At 6 feet 2 inches and 200 pounds, Sorensen was the biggest defensive back in attendance.

Colton High School star defensive back Daniel Sorensen wasn't able to attend BYU's Junior Day or their annual Blue and White Game, but he was able to display his talents among top caliber athletes and in front of many Division I coaches.

"I went to the Nike Camp the other day," Sorensen said. "It was good. We didn't get tested down there because that's a new rule that we can't get tested at universities any more. It was pretty cool though. They took us into this film room and showed us what they did last year. They tried to pump us up and everything."

After watching an energy-filled video, the football players were taken out onto the field. The camp was divided up into three one-hour sections that focused on various aspects of football.

"They took us out on the field and we stretched out," Sorensen said. "They broke it up into three different sections. The first hour was SPARQ training with all the SPARQ people. There wasn't any testing and we just did drills. There wasn't any testing or timing.

"I felt I did alright with the drills. I've done these things before so I felt I did alright. It was good and there were a lot of kids there and some good coaches.

"We did that for the first hour, and then we split up into various positions like DB's and stuff like that. We just did defensive back stuff for the next hour. After that we did one-on-one stuff for the next hour after that.

"Because I was the biggest DB out there, they stuck me with all the tight ends and stuff," said Sorensen. "I had to guard those guys. It wasn't really hard because they're slower, but there were some big kids out there though. I think I did alright, but I feel I could have done better."

Sorensen feels he needs to focus more on the cardiovascular side of his game.

"It kind of showed me how out of shape football-wise I am," said Sorensen, chuckling. "I've got to hit spring workouts really hard. I competed really well though, but if you give me a month to workout and get myself back into top shape I probably would have done a lot better. The juniors that were out there were good but they weren't out of my league despite everything.

"There were a lot of commits out there. There were a lot of big time commits from UCLA out there. I feel I did pretty good and competed against them. My good friend Damien Holms who committed to UCLA was out there and he did really good. He felt he was going to wait it out and try to see everything. He went to the USC Junior Day and kind of got a feel for it, and then he went to the UCLA Junior Day and just felt like this is where he wanted to be. He's still getting offers. The other day he got an offer from Stanford. I don't think BYU offered him a scholarship."

Last year Sorensen was selected as a Second Team All-State defensive back and hopes to improve on his performance from last year.

"I hope I can make First Team All-State next year," said Sorensen. "It will be a pretty big disappointment if I don't."

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