Out of Oak Ridge

The Cougars are again in the hunt for a prime football prospect out of Oak Ridge High School, just outside of Sacramento. Austin Collie set the field on fire for Oak Ridge during his prep years and following in his footsteps is yet another prolific and talented wideout, who recently completed only his second year of organized football, but is already serving a lot of notice.

Brett Thompson is a 6-foot-3-inch, 205-pound wide receiver who quickly became his high school varsity team's top option while merely a sophomore. Thompson recorded just over 40 catches for around 1,000 yards and 13 touchdowns for his varsity team last year. What is truly remarkable about his exploits on the field was that it was merely his second year playing organized football.

"I played basketball and that was my focus before a few years ago," said Thompson. "I had only played flag football in junior high before, but gave football a try and it's the main sport I'm concentrating on."

Having just started playing, Thompson's potential is exciting. While his size gives him an obvious advantage on the outside receiving balls, Thompson is able to supplement his superior size with above-average speed for any high school player of any stature.

"I ran a 4.6 forty at the Sparks combine in East Los Angeles last summer," said Thompson. "It was my first time running it and I thought it was a good time. I'm going to be going to combines this summer and I hope I can run a 4.5 or faster."

Thompson's summer plans include a visit to Stanford's Nike combine, with potential visits to other camps still up in the air.

"I don't have certain plans to attend any camp yet," said Thompson. "We'll see if I have time to go anywhere else this summer."

Collie's footsteps

As mentioned, Thompson attends and plays for the same high school that Zac and Austin Collie did during their respective prep years. Thompson is very familiar with what Austin and Zac did on the football field, and is very close to the Collie family.

"My girlfriend is Austin's little sister," said Thompson. "Our families are very good friends. I grew up watching Austin play and really looked up to him."

Thompson recognizes that his work is cut out for him if he hopes to match what Austin Collie accomplished in high school. Collie was merely named a Prep All-American, while garnering the Northern California Prep Player of the Year Award, his senior season.

"Austin is a great receiver," said Thompson. "Just watching him in high school, he was just amazing. I hope I can be as good of a receiver as he was."

An Early Offer

Scholarship offers don't come in droves for most prep athletes coming off of their sophomore seasons, but Thompson has a verbal offer in place from BYU.

"They offered me just recently when I went to Junior Day," said Thompson. "It was really a surprise. I wasn't even thinking of college or anything when the coaches told me that they'd like to offer me a scholarship. It was great."

Thompson has received almost all of his early interest from BYU, although other schools have been sending letters.

"I haven't received much of anything other than the normal letters they send a lot of guys in high school," said Thompson. "I've contacted BYU the most and I certainly know more about BYU than any other school at this point."

Regarding BYU, Thompson likes what he sees.

"I like the coaching staff and the program," said Thompson. "They had a great year last year and they're going in the right direction. It's a program that's improving, which I like a lot."

In the meantime, Thompson plans to have a good combine performance, which will undoubtedly lead to more attention and scholarship offers.

"I just hope to do my best and continue on my overall skills," said Thompson. "I only just started concentrating on football, so I think I can get a lot better."

Thompson has mentioned that along with his obvious height performance is his ability to run past and around players in the open field.

"I caught a lot of underneath stuff last year and was able to get past guys in the open field last year," said Thompson. "Hopefully I can go deep more this year and help out my team as much as possible. That's my main goal; just to continue improving as a football player and helping my team get better and win more games."

Thompson is LDS and has mission plans. His plans in regards to the recruitment process is to see what comes his way after this summer and beyond, and just go from there.

"I hope I can get a lot of schools looking at me," said Thompson. "Right now I really like BYU, but it's early and I'll just see what options I have."

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