Snow D-Tackle Gaining D-I Interest

Snow Junior College placed several of their players at various D-I colleges, including BYU, Oregon State, Oklahoma State and the UofU, after a second-place national ranking in 2006. Following this season the Badger program could again fill D-I rosters with various players on their current roster.

Snow Junior College is a J.C. powerhouse right in BYU's very own backyard. With the Cougar program receiving the J.C. National Player of the Year in quarterback Cade Cooper from last year's Badger squad, BYU could be sitting in a good spot with a few more if Coach Mendenhall and his staff decide to pull the scholarship trigger.

One such player is 6-foot-1-inch, 311-pound Tongan defensive tackle David Hola, who has received interest from BYU, among other top quality D-I programs.

"I'm 6'1" and 311 pounds," said Hola. "As far as my strength goes I do 26 reps with 225. I play mostly the three and I play mostly the nose, but we've been taught to mostly stop the run first, then the pass second. We just did a lot of concentrating on stopping the run last year, so this year we're placing more emphasis on pass rushing to try and put more pressure on the passing game. Hopefully we'll get our stats up a little more than we did last year. I did pretty good last year though. I had three sacks and 11 tackles for losses."

David Hola is an athletic kid for his size," said Snow Assistant Coach Jason Ah You. "First of all, he's a solid leader on our team. Hola is the type of player that does exactly what you ask of him and does it without any question. He plays hard, he plays tough, and he has the respect of his fellow teammates on the team."

With one more year left to play at Snow, Hola has been receiving early interests from both instate and out-of-state school.

"I'm getting some attention instate," Hola said. "BYU is probably my main school as far as instate. Growing up, me, my dad and my brothers were all big-time BYU fans, so growing up I just naturally had a thing for BYU. Now that I'm starting to be looked at by them it's kind of becoming more of a reality that I could play [Division-I] college ball."

"Right now Texas A&M is looking at him, and Arizona [is too]," Coach Ah You said. "Utah is looking at him and BYU is looking at him obviously. Also, Boise State and Oklahoma State, UNLV, Oregon State and Utah State are looking at him."

Out of all the local instate schools taking a look at Hola, BYU appeals the most to him at this point in time.

"I just like the whole tradition that BYU has and the way the school and the program presents itself. I like the standards that are there and that's one of the main reasons I would choose to go to BYU. I'm a return missionary and I served a mission in the Columbia, South Carolina Mission. The standards at BYU have a lot to do with it. Just the whole atmosphere itself and the BYU tradition is the main thing for me."

"David Hola is a returned missionary," said Coach Ah You. "He's a humble, quiet kid, but he goes 100 percent whenever he steps out onto the field. There isn't a play that he takes off and is a high-end effort player for us who never back talks in disagreement with his coaches. He goes out there and does what is asked and takes care of business."

Hola has been in contact with BYU Recruiting Coordinator Paul Tidwell.

"I first contacted the coaches and then I received a letter from them," Hola said. "David [Tefuga] and I were able to talk with Coach Tidwell and he was excited about our defensive line. He was excited about all the workouts we've been doing and how that would carry over."

Hola was invited to come down to BYU's campus to get a firsthand account of the atmosphere, facilities and the program. At one time he actually had plans on attending BYU following his mission.

"Oh yeah, I'm definitely going to want to go down and check things out," said Hola. "Actually, I came off my mission and was going to go to BYU, but I actually felt it would be better to go walk-on at Snow so I could try and become recognized by schools. BYU was like, ‘Well, we're going to keep an eye on you.' They also said, ‘After you got back from your mission you've been doing pretty good up there at Snow.' In that way, I'm definitely going to go check out their program because they were my first option, since they told that if I go to Snow they would definitely give me the heads up. Now they've been sending me a lot of stuff and I've spoken with Coach Tidwell and that's been a positive thing for me."

"In a 3-4-4 Hola could play…the noseguard position, and he's athletic enough to play end in that BYU system," Coach Ah You said. "At BYU the defensive linemen play the two gaps, so he would be able to hold the gaps, get good penetration and is quick enough to come around and make plays. He's probably better suited as an inside guy but he is someone that could play the outside and hold those gaps for the linebackers."

Other D-I colleges have recently visited Snow College and expressed interest in Hola.

"Texas A&M came out to our spring ball and I also talked with Washington State," said Hola. "Those two schools came down and talked with us too. There hasn't been one school that has stood out over the other as far as showing interest with me and David [Tufuga]."

Because they are close friends both on and off the field, Hola and Tefuga have talked about possibly playing football together at the next level.

"Oh yeah, we have talked about that," said Hola. "We have a buddy [Sioeli Nau] up at Oregon State that played with us last year. They picked him up at the last minute last year and we've been keeping in contact with him. He said he loves it up there and was letting us know that there would be seven players gone after this season. The d-line coordinator wanted to come back to Snow and check us out because he was very impressed with our d-line from last year.

"So Oregon State was a school that me and Dave [Tufuga] were like, ‘You know, if Oregon State offered us both there would be a high level of interest there because we would be able to play together with somebody we already know is there.' We would be able to go up and fit in with someone we know who is already in the program. So BYU, Texas A&M, Washington State and Oregon State and some other schools that are looking at us, but it's just pretty much up in the air right now."

"His game is very quick," Coach Ah You said. "He is very strong and very quick at the point of attack and can move from sideline to sideline. Both he and David have similar physical body types and they both play very similar on the defensive line. I'm just happy to be coaching both of these players because I can let them go and they'll make plays for me all over the field. I'm lucky to have them on my d-line."

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