Cougars Looking At Snow Defensive End

Snow Junior College has quite a bit of talent across their defensive line, and many Division I programs such as Oregon State, Washington State, Texas A&M, Colorado, Utah and BYU are taking notice and evaluating.

BYU fans are already familiar with two Snow defensive tackles, David Hola and Tevita Tufuga, who were an intricate part of the Badger's top-ranked junior college defense from last year. Also a part of that defensive line was Coleby Clawson, a rushing defensive end that has shown up on BYU's radar.

"I'm 6'3" and around 230 pounds," Clawson said. "I run a 4.6 forty and my shuttle is a 4.18, which isn't too bad I guess. I think I have a 365 bench and I haven't really maxed on squat. I play on the defensive line as a rush end.

"I'm kind of a smash mouth type of a player. I'm kind of undersized for a defensive end, and so a lot of what I use is my speed, which helps to get me by offensive linemen. On top of that I have to play super aggressive going up against bigger guys that outweigh me by a 100 pounds or so. I just try to play very aggressive with a smash mouth mentality and use my speed from the outside position."

Growing up in North Sanpete, Utah, Clawson was at one time selected as an all-state performer out of high school.

"Yeah, I'm actually just a local product here in Utah," said Clawson. "I played football at North Sanpete High School. I never really thought I would go very far with football. Even when I was in high school I was surprised I got all-state for offensive line and defensive line. My whole career has kind of been surprising to me because I just thought I was an average player, but I've always been able to excel and do well. I actually signed with Southern Utah University before my mission to Indianapolis, Indiana."

Following his mission, Clawson decided to attend Snow Junior College rather than return back to SUU in the hopes he could work towards a better D-I scholarship offer.

"I figured it would give me a better chance of going to a D-I school than a D-IAA school [would]," said Clawson. "One of the reasons why I signed with SUU was because Coach Anderson was down there and he was the head coach. I thought he was really turning the program around down there so I wanted to be a part of that. When I heard he wasn't down there anymore I figured I would have a better opportunity so I went and walked on down here at Snow."

Snow's defense gave up around 12 points per game last year. Clawson, who was a freshman, rotated in with both Hola and Tufuga. This year he will be a sophomore starter for the Badger defense.

"Our d-line rotated about every series last year," said Clawson. "We had our number one defensive line, and me, David Tufuga and David Hola were with the twos so we rotated every series with the ones. We pretty much rotate half the time with them, but this year it's our turn to be the starters."

Clawson wasn't sure what his total defensive stats were from last year, but he believed he averaged around five tackles from his defensive end position. He has received some letters of interests and has spoken to college recruiters that have taken notice in his on-field performances.

"My top choice right now is BYU," Clawson said. "One of our coaches mentioned [BYU] to me and I gave them a call, which kind of got the ball rolling. I talked with Coach Tidwell and Coach Lamb, who is the outside linebacker's coach. I've also spoken with Coach Mendenhall for a little bit as well.

"They've actually mentioned to me about playing outside linebacker. They like the way I played on film but it's kind of hard for them right now because they haven't seen me play the outside position. They like my size and my speed for an outside linebacker's position, and they like how aggressive I play for my size also. I think they want to watch me play a couple more games.

They are a bit worried because they haven't seen me play with my hand off the ground, but they really liked what I could do because most of my tackles from last year came from pursuing players and chasing the ball down. A lot of my tackles came from catching running backs from behind and on sweeps.

"So I've talked to them a little bit and Coach Lamb said he was confident he could teach me how to play the linebacker position if I'm willing to learn. I also like BYU because they are very blunt with me on everything. They told me that if they find someone better they will recruit them, so it really helps me to understand where they're coming from because they're being honest with me and I like that. I haven't received any offers yet, and, like I said, I think part of it is because they haven't seen me play the linebacker position. They want to see my reaction off the ball but they do like the way I play. They like my aggression and how I never give up on the play."

Along with the coaches at BYU being honest and transparent, which is something he appreciates, Clawson also likes the program identity and philosophy as outlined by Coach Mendenhall.

"I also really like the spirit of BYU," Clawson said. "It's an awesome school, an awesome program and an awesome coaching staff. I spoke with Coach Mendenhall for a few minutes and that's all he talked about. He said he's looking for BYU-type players who beat a lot of teams that are better than they are. They come together as a team and work together to beat individual talent. I like that about them and [Mendenhall] talked about the standards of a BYU player both on and off the field."

"I've grown up a BYU fan but I've also liked Utah too. I know that's an oxymoron but I really do like both schools a lot, with BYU being my number-one school."

Clawson has reconnected with Coach Anderson, who is now coaching at the UofU.

"I've actually talked with Coach Anderson up in the coach's office and he said he remembered me because he recruited me down at SUU," said Clawson. "I got a chance to talk to him and he said I would have to put on a little weight but could be their rush defensive end. He did show interest while talking to me about possibly getting me up there. If BYU didn't work out I think Utah would be my second choice."

On top of being a rushing end for Snow, Clawson also does deep snapping for the Badger program.

"I also do long snapping as well," said Clawson. "I snapped for punts and kicks and I think that is also something that [BYU] is looking at. I talked to the Washington State coaches about possibly playing d-line, and I talked to the Texas A&M coach about some things as well. But the Washington State coach said they're always looking for long snappers about this time of the year. It really helps when you can do something valuable like that on special teams."

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