Comer Helps Break School Track Record

Springville High School cornerback Cameron Comer took part in helping his track team break a new school record. Comer, who has verbally committed to Coach Mendenhall and his staff, has been working hard in the offseason to improve on his athleticism.

It's not too often that BYU secures a football commit from a 6-foot-1-inch cornerback, but that's exactly what they got in Springville athlete Cameron Comer.

"I've just been working out and doing track to help me with my speed," said Comer. "I run the 100 meter and the 4-by-100, and it's been going really good. I just qualified for state and ran 11.4."

Comer runs the last leg of his relay team and recently helped to break an old 4x100 relay record.

"Our relay team just broke an old school relay record," Comer said. "The old record was 44.3 and we ran a 43.5. We have Brady Gatewood, Corey Pearson and Spencer Whitaker on our team. We're pretty fast and I run anchor for our team.

"We have one kid [Gatewood] who is really fast and he's even a little faster than me out of the blocks," Comer said. "So he runs first because he's better out of the start, but I'm the one that runs the last leg and has to close the deal."

Although Springville High School's track team has qualified for state, the team still has two more track meets before state competitions begin.

"We have two more track meets and then we go to state," Comer said. "We qualified for state at a varsity match where you have to get a certain time to qualify. Once they get that time they qualify for state, and so it doesn't really even matter if we win or lose the last two track meets because we've already qualified for state."

Being away from the football field, Comer sees track as a way to further develop his speed as he continues to put on muscle mass.

"I run track to keep in shape and to help me get faster," said Comer. "When I'm away from football I have to do something to help me keep my speed. I have to keep my speed for my size. Right now I weigh 180 pounds and I think running track has helped me develop my speed for my size."

In a recent Northwest Hot 100 list, Comer was rated as the top cornerback and ranked the 30th overall prospect. He was listed as a three-star prospect.

"I just saw that I was in the top 30 overall," Comer said. "I didn't know I was one of the top cornerbacks. I didn't know that and that's awesome."

Following Comer as the second best cornerback in the Northwest is 5-foot-10-inch, 165-pound Lewis Walker from Judge Memorial High School in Salt Lake City. Walker has received early offers from Utah's Kyle Whittingham and Colorado. Comer still receives recruiting letters despite having committed to BYU.

"I've been getting letters from Illinois," Comer said. "I get a lot of letters from other schools. Utah has sent a pool of three whole letters. They say things like we are good at…I'm not even really sure what they say. They send them like once every three months or so."

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