Florida CB To Trip To BYU

BYU is receiving some interest from the talent-rich state of Florida. Harmony High School has produced two athletes that BYU has offered a full-ride scholarship to, and both will make the trip out to BYU.

Cornerback Brandon Bradley was the last time Brigham Young University received a football player from the state of Florida. Now BYU seeks to keep the ball rolling by mining the sunshine state for quality young men, regardless of faith, that can fit within Coach Mendenhall's program philosophy.

One such prospect that has been evaluated from character to on-field performance is Harmony High School cornerback Kedron Paul.

"Yes sir, I'm about 5'9" and weigh 160 pounds," said the ever-respectful Kedron Paul. "In the forty yard I run a 4.44. I believe I'm one of the best cover corners in all of central Florida. I believe I can hang with any 6'1" or 6'3" wide receiver. I believe I can guard them, so don't let the size fool you. I can tackle really well.

"I can't tell you what my pass breakups are because we don't keep stats on that, but I do know there were quite a few. On the season I had four interceptions."

Former BYU wide receiver Tyler Anderson is the head coach at Harmony High School, and because of Paul's speed, Coach Anderson uses his abilities not only on the defensive side of the ball, but on offensive side of the ball as well.

"I also play running back," Paul said. "I'm pretty much an all-purpose back. I can run the ball well and catch the ball out of the backfield. I can pretty much do anything they want me to do.

"On the season I had 49 carries for 643 yards. We run a spread offense so we really didn't run the ball all that much. We mostly passed the ball and ran the ball a little bit."

Paul has received some early recruiting attention from his on-field accomplishments.

"Yes sir, the schools that are looking at me right now are Mississippi State, Texas Tech, Akron, FAU, FIU, BYU and Houston," said Paul. "I think that's about it."

Paul is still learning about the recruiting process and has talked about it with two close cousins that play in the NFL.

"My cousins Marquis Paul and Tito Paul both played in the NFL," said Paul. "I've been talking to them about when they were recruited and how it went for them to learn more and all that.

"Tito Paul played for the Denver Broncos when they won the Super Bowl. My cousin Marquis Paul is with the Jets as a trainer or something like that. I keep in touch with both of them and keep them updated and everything."

He is also making an effort to learn more about the schools that are showing interest in him.

"I know BYU is a Mormon school," said Paul. "That's pretty much the only thing I know. I've heard they were ranked this past year in football which really is something that is attractive to me.

"Coach Anderson said BYU has nice facilities and that they teach you about God. He pretty much said it's a really good environment."

Paul said he feels he has a great relationship with Coach Anderson.

"[Coach Anderson] was telling us how fast he used to be," said Paul while chuckling. "I really didn't believe it until he showed us some of his highlights. He was pretty dang fast back in the days.

"He's been working hard with us as a team and teaching P.E. classes. He's been doing a great job of getting our information out to colleges and stuff like that. He's also been working hard on our football schemes. He's just been working hard to help us be better and to get ready for the fall."

Coach Anderson has established a very close relationship with his young football players.

"Yes sir, we're like best friends," Paul said. "We joke around with him sometimes in the film room. We have a really tight bond with him. He's a really good guy, but sometimes it's hard to get anything out of him because he's so quiet sometimes. Sometimes he'll just look at you and then say something five minutes later. It's kind of funny. I really like him though. He's a good guy."

Even though Paul isn't LDS, he does like the environment and clean living that is fostered and taught at Brigham Young University for the students and athletes.

"Well sir, as a person I have a great personality and I feel I'm a very good person," said Paul. "I've never touched drugs or drank before in my life. I'm well-mannered and very respectful, which is how I was brought up. I've learned to respect people that are older than me, and that's pretty much who I am and my characteristics.

"I do go to church just about every Sunday. I am a Christian and so I do go to church. I don't go to church every Sunday, but I do attend church."

Paul feels that the honor code found at BYU is a positive draw for him. He is looking for a program that has structure and doesn't have those influences that can negatively influence his life while attending college.

"Yes sir, that's exactly what I'm looking for," Paul said. "What I'm looking for in a school is a program that is really strict. I don't want to go to a school that allows, like, drugs and drinking, especially if you're going there to play football. So having something like that is exactly what I like."

Outside not having those negative social pressures that often influence young men to participate in activities not within their own personal standards, Paul is looking at other positive aspects at the college level.

"I'm not looking for a party atmosphere," said Paul. "I'm looking for a laid back atmosphere that is calm. I'm looking for a peaceful atmosphere.

"Academics are something that is also very important to me. In fact, that's probably my number one thing on my list. I want a college that has a great academics program. It's important to me because something could happen in a game, like you blow out your knee and then what do you have? If you don't have a good education to fall back on you have nothing. You have to have a good education. I'm not really sure what I want to study right now but it is something that I'm looking at. It's a really big thing.

"One thing I love too is facilities. I think it's important to have good facilities to help you become a better football player. I think a good school would have good facilities to help you develop. I think it's important."

However, Paul is going to take his time and do his homework on those programs showing interest in him, so that he can make the best decision he can.

"I don't want to commit just yet," said Paul. "There are some other schools that I am interested in. The school that is standing out the most to me right now is Mississippi State. I'm really interested in them and they seem really interested in me. They text message me every day and tell me to keep up my grades and everything."

One negative aspect concerning possibility of attending Brigham Young University is the distance the university lies from his home in central Florida. The possibility of living so far away to attend college could pose a bit of an issue for Paul.

"It is because I don't really want to be that far from my family," said Paul. "I think it might be an issue."

If Paul were to come to BYU, having his best friend O'Neill Chambers, in whom BYU also offered a full-ride scholarship to as well, could help take away some of the sting of being so far away from the familiarities of home.

"One of the things we want to do is play together," Paul said. "That's one of our goals. We want to play on the same college team after high school. We're pretty much like brothers and we're always hanging out together.

"O'Neill is a big, strong and physical guy. All he likes to do is nail somebody. If you watch his highlight film [you'll see that] he will literally punch you out on the field. He's basically an in-your-face type of person.

"Off the field, he's a great guy. He likes to joke around and he's very respectful and never gets into trouble. He's just an overall good guy. We're a lot alike and people pretty much say we should be brothers because we even look alike."

Paul plans on attending summer camps at various universities to showcase his abilities in front of college coaches. Both he and Chambers will be flying out to BYU to visit the campus, meet the coaches and get a feel of the environment. So what are all of the universities that Paul will to go see?

"Hopefully Auburn, Alabama, BYU, Mississippi State and Texas Tech," said Paul. "O'Neill and I plan on flying out to BYU and Texas together."

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