Diluigi On The Mend

California star running back J.J. Diluigi has been busy running track, working out with a personal trainer and developing his speed and strength. That is until a freak accident occurred while jogging one day.

Athletes like Diluigi only come around every so often for the Cougar program. He was one of the top running backs in the state of California and holds the single season touchdown record for his division with 43 touchdowns. He also single-handedly beat the number-one ranked high school team in the country (De La Salle High School, which at one time held a 159-1 record) by rushing for 148 yards in California's first ever state championship. Though Catholic and not LDS, he simply loves BYU.

Following the football season, Diluigi set out on a rigorous plan to further develop his overall talents prior to the new recruit's reporting day at BYU during the first week of August. To help him in his efforts, Diluigi utilized a personal trainer and dietician.

"I've been on this huge eating plan," said Diluigi while chuckling. "I have a dietician and a strength coach that was putting us through some crazy workouts. I've never had my body so sore every day for a few straight months. Usually your body adapts but my trainer was doing all this crazy stuff to the same muscle but just in different ways, and man it was crazy, and I gained 10 pounds of muscle. I'm at 195 pounds right now and I was getting faster.

"Seriously, it was crazy. People think that in order to get a good workout you need to be in the gym for over an hour or more. This guy just said it only takes about 45 minutes every day in the gym. If it was an upper body day, there would be two warm-up sets and then heavy weight for a set of eight reps. Then we would go up more weight for six reps. Then more weight for four reps then more weight for two reps. Then we would do more weight for only one rep with your max, and then more rep of your max plus 10 pounds.

"Then we would have to take off all the weights and run straight from there to the leg press machine. There was no walking and I would do the leg workouts the exact same way until you reached your point of failure. It's just a killer workout and I would just be standing there and my legs will just give out and I'd just fall to the ground."

Not only was he working out with a personal trainer, but Diluigi was also running track for his high school team. The combination of having a personal trainer and running track helped him further increase his speed.

"I was getting faster because I was running track," Diluigi said. "I was watching, week by week, my times on my sprints just drop. The thing was I had never run track before and they had me doing all of these jumping events. During some meets, they would come up to me and say, ‘We need you to run this event or the 200 meters.' I was like, ‘Oh okay, I haven't practiced this all year, but sure, I'll jump in and do it.' I did alright and I enjoyed it. It was just fun for me and I was on the 4-by-100 team for a long time and we were killing everyone. I was doing the first leg for a while and then for a couple of meets they had me running the second leg where a couple of guys would be a head of me and I would catch them. When I ran the first leg I never lost the first leg."

However, Diluigi will have to take a little break from the track and field activities, as well as the personal workouts, due to a freak accident.

"Yeah, I broke my foot," Diluigi said. "I was running outside and my foot hit a newspaper on the way down. The angle of my foot when it hit the newspaper on the side [was awkward and] I just heard it pop. I just kept running and it increasingly continued to hurt it. It's a bone on the outside of my foot. I'll be fine in about three or four weeks.

"I got a screw in it about a week ago. I didn't have to and could have had a cast on for about eight weeks, but with a screw it's more efficient and more reliable that I'm not going to get hurt again, and my recovery is only about a month. A cast isn't really as reliable and doesn't heal as well. Just let everyone know that I'll be fine and I'll be playing."

Recently, BYU outside linebacker coach Barry Lamb was at Canyon High School checking in on some football players that BYU had been keeping close watch on.

"Coach Lamb was out there checking out one of our o-linemen, A.J. Wallerstein, [and] one of our defensive linemen, Michael Stagnola. He played defensive linemen last year but BYU is looking at him as a middle backer. He's around 6'2", 215 pounds, and is really quick. I think Nevada is looking at him too. They feel they can put a few more pounds on him also. I mean, the guy led our league in sacks. He's a beast."

"[Lamb] was also looking at Anthony King, who was a senior on our team last year. He's actually a great cornerback and I think BYU is looking at him. At least I'm hoping they are because he's a great player.

"He's about 5'10" or 5'11" and around 185 [pounds]. Running into the wind for the 100-yard dash, he clocked a 10.8. He's blazing fast and he can cover really well too. But it's not really his cover skills which are his best assets; it's his hitting ability. I mean, I just watched this guy game after game just come up and drill people.

"During the Westlake game we had, he broke a kid's ribs and knocked another kid out. On the one play where he broke the kid's ribs, he stuck his head right in there and broke the kid's ribs on a tackle. The guy went out for the rest of the game, but unfortunately [King] also went out with a concussion. But he did play two more series with a concussion and then he came off the field and said, ‘I don't know where I am.' He's an awesome player though.

"He didn't play during his junior year because he was hurt and my dad told him to sit out. He didn't play his junior year last year and that was the only reason why, but it wasn't a serious injury, it was just a reoccurring one and he just needed rest to let it heal. So that's what he did his junior year, and he came back his senior year and started for us every game during his senior year. He was the only cornerback that played every game in the same spot.

"Nobody really has heard of him and he wasn't really known. Toledo showed some interest and they now wish they had taken him over their other cornerback now. They said they were going to offer Anthony but then they didn't because they didn't think he was as fast as they first thought, but then one of their coaches came out and saw him run during a track meet, but by then it was too late, so he didn't get that scholarship.

"He already told me that if he gets a scholarship from BYU he would be taking it in a heartbeat. He told me he would just take the season off because he would have to redshirt, but he said he would just work out during the season and just try and get stronger and faster. He said he would just get himself ready for BYU, and then come out there in the winter and play there. He's hoping BYU offers him a scholarship because he told me he would go out there in a heartbeat."

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