BYU After Florida Wide Receiver

Most of BYU's recruiting pool comes from Utah, California and a few other states in the West. The Cougars are certainly not known for recruiting in Florida. However, with former Cougar Tyler Anderson now coaching in the Sunshine State, BYU may have more reason to recruit the talent-rich area.

Recently, TBS made contact with Harmony High School cornerback, Kedron Paul (see the story here). Kedron is high on BYU's wish list, as he has received an early scholarship offer. The school that likely gets Kedron is a school that will have also offered his friend and teammate, O'Neill Chambers. TBS caught up with O'Neill to talk a little football and recruiting.

"I'm 6'3", 205 pounds," said Chambers. "My best forty time is a 4.5. My shuttle is 4.39. In the weight room I'm benching 265. My squat is 415 and my clean is 365."

Chambers is one of the better athletes on his team. Because of this, Coach Tyler Anderson has him playing both ways.

"I play wide receiver and DB," said Chambers. "I don't really have a preference. I'll probably play wide receiver at the next level. I'm the type of player that plays every game like it's his last. I play with a lot of heart. If I were to compare myself to a player it would be [Terrell Owens]."

The state of Florida is flooded with college recruiters every year, and Chambers has caught their attention.

"I have offers from the University of Houston, Texas Tech, Mississippi State [and] BYU," said Chambers. "Texas is looking at me, Texas A&M [is as well], Maryland is looking at me, and Nebraska came by today. Florida and Florida State are looking at me too. Last year Florida actually offered me when I was a sophomore. I was at a camp and their receiver coach, Coach Gonzales, thought I was a senior when they offered."

One would think that it would be hard to pull a standout recruit from the state of Florida, but this isn't necessarily the case with Chambers.

"I've been here [in Florida] all my life," said Chambers. "I just want to see new places and experience new things and try new things. I'm open-minded. If it comes down to it and I have to stay here I won't mind. If I were to take some visits today it would probably be BYU, Mississippi State, Houston and Maryland.

What does Chambers know about BYU?

"I know that they have one of the top passing offenses in the country," said Chambers. "They run a spread offense. I know that they have really good facilities, and they're real serious about the spiritual side of things. I know that if you sign with BYU you don't drink, do drugs, and stuff like that. I don't need that stuff. If coach finds out you're doing that stuff, you're off the team anyways. [Football is] all about dedication and discipline. Another thing I know about BYU is that it's real quiet. It's out in the country, by the mountains. They have all four seasons. BYU has some really nice facilities, some of the largest facilities. But, really it doesn't matter; if you're a real football player, you don't need to practice indoors."

So what will catch the attention of Chambers when he decides on a college?

"Academics are really important to me," said Chambers. "I want to major in mathematics. The type of offense is important too. I want to play in a spread offense. Probably the most important thing to me is the opportunity to play with my friend Kedron Paul. We want to play together. We work hard at it everyday. BYU, Mississippi State, University of Houston and Texas Tech all have offered both Kedron and I."

TBS will catch up with Chambers after his visit to Provo for the BYU summer football camp.

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