Local Prospects Getting Early Looks

A local recruit from West Jordan, Utah is getting a lot of early looks from such schools as BYU, Oregon, Cal and Colorado. Justin Blackmore is emerging as one of Utah's top prospects heading into his senior season, and plays on both the offensive and defensive lines.

Justin Blackmore is a 6-foot-1-inch, 275-pound lineman who plays on both sides of the ball for West Jordan High School. Although his team saw little success last season, having only won a single game, Blackmore isn't letting his team's lack of success hold him down.

"Our team wasn't that good last year," said Blackmore. "We only won one game, but I feel that I did well personally. I improved throughout the year and I'm going to try and get even better my senior year."

So far college recruiters have taken notice, as Blackmore has received a steady stream of letters from some big name schools.

"I'm getting most of my attention from BYU at this point," said Blackmore. "Colorado is probably next, with Oregon showing some interest as well."

Blackmore attended BYU's camp last summer and impressed observers after busting through lines aggressively and often. He plans to attend BYU's summer camp again this year and improve his skills.

"I like it down there," said Blackmore. "It's a big campus with nice facilities. I like the coaching staff there as well and have had a lot of contact with them."

Blackmore cites quarterbacks coach Brandon Doman as his primary contact and likes the Cougar assistant coach. Blackmore is LDS and has mission plans, which of course adds to BYU's attractiveness.

"BYU understands my mission plans better than anyone, of course," said Blackmore. "Playing football and then serving a mission would work out best at BYU."

Of course, Blackmore's interest doesn't begin and end at BYU, and other schools have come calling. As mentioned, Blackmore is getting some attention from some prominent Pac-10 schools, along with Colorado.

"I've visited Colorado on an unofficial visit this past October and went to a game," said Blackmore. "Their campus is huge. They have a big program and I like their coaches."

Blackmore isn't close to making a decision, as he hasn't received any solid scholarship offers up to this point, although he's confident at least a couple will come his way soon.

"Hopefully some schools think enough of me to offer me a scholarship," said Blackmore. "I don't have a favorite school at this point. I'll just consider my options when they come in and then go from there."

In the immediate future Blackmore plans to attend BYU's campus this Friday on an unofficial visit, where he'll again become more familiar with the campus and the Cougar coaches.

As for summer plans, Blackmore plans on again attending BYU's camp, as mentioned, and will travel to Oregon for their Nike camp. The immediate goal is to capture the attention of even more recruiters so he can make the best decision.

"I feel that I'm quick off the line and that I have good strength to overcome the blocks thrown my way," said Blackmore. "I prefer the defensive side of the ball and that is where most schools are looking to have me play."

TBS will follow up with Blackmore following his unofficial visit to BYU this Friday.

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