Cougars Looking at Central Valley Quarterback

The Cougar coaching staff is showing some early interest in Devin Combs, who hails from Oakdale High School in Modesto, California. Combs is a veteran of BYU's summer camps and looks to have a big year coming off his first season starting at quarterback for his varsity squad. TBS caught up with Combs to get the rundown.

Combs is a 6-foot-2-inch, 200-pound quarterback who earned himself Second-Team All-League honors this past season, while leading his team to an 8-3 record. Combs caught the attention of the Cougar coaching staff about two months ago when the newest addition to the BYU football staff started contacting him.

"Coach Weber came down to look at me after he saw some tape and said he liked what he saw," said Combs. "They're telling me that they'll keep looking at me and see what they have open with scholarships and all that."

Garnering attention early on as a quarterback can be a bit of a chore when you operate from a Wing-T offensive formation that relies almost exclusively on the running game. Combs' opportunities to show what he has was limited as a result thereof, although what he has shown has been positive in the eyes of college recruiters.

"We only threw the ball about 10 times per game and never on first down," said Combs. "Late in the game if we were behind they'd open it up and let me pass more, but we're definitely a run-first team."

Despite that, Combs earned himself All-League honors as mentioned, throwing for 1300 yards and 13 touchdowns in the relatively prohibitive Wing-T Oakdale High offense. Things will be changing this coming year though, as Combs will be operating more from the shotgun.

"Coaches have told me that we'll be throwing it at least 20 times per game or around that," said Combs. "I'm obviously excited for that. We're going to run from the spread formation and I'll have more opportunities to run and to pass."

Combs described himself as a classic Pro-style-type quarterback who can scramble when the need arises. Combs has honed his skills at BYU's summer camps and will again make the trip to Provo to improve on his overall skills.

"I was the quarterback MVP of BYU's camp when I was a sophomore, which was great," said Combs. "I'll be going to BYU's camp again and will go on some other unofficial trips and some other camps as well."

BYU isn't alone in their early interest in Combs, and he intends on visiting some of the other schools that are eyeing him.

"I'll be going to Nevada-Reno's camp in June and then to BYU's camp," said Combs. "I also plan on taking some unofficial trips to Northwestern and to Princeton if I can."

But Combs has his eyes squarely set on BYU as his first option if they come calling.

"I'm a huge BYU fan," said Combs. "Playing for BYU would be a dream come true for me. I've always dreamed of playing quarterback at BYU."

Although Combs has received no solid offers so far, he's hopeful that some will come his way, including his desired scholarship offer from BYU.

"I'm going down to BYU this weekend for their junior day," said Combs. "I'll be meeting with Coach Mendenhall, which I'm excited about. I really like BYU and hopefully I'll get the chance to play there."

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