Prince Considers Options

Kevin Prince has already garnered five offers, with more offers likely on the horizon. Prince quarterbacks for Crespi High School in Southern California, and has been noticed by many college recruiters. BYU is the latest to hone in on the promising quarterback prospect.

Kevin Prince is a 6-foot-2-inch, 195-pound quarterback who threw for 1,400 yards and 12 touchdowns a season ago. He has already gained the attention of many college recruiters, and five schools have already extended offers to the promising prospect.

"I currently have offers from Air Force, Wyoming, San Diego State, Nevada and Utah," said Prince. "I like all those schools and will consider each of them."

Other schools showing Prince interest include BYU, Boise State and Washington. Prince is anxiously awaiting scholarship offers from either of these schools, which would likely jump in as his favorite if they were to offer.

"Washington is my favorite school," said Prince. "I visited their coaches and their campus a while ago and just loved it. I like that they're a Pac-10 school and they're my favorite right now. Hopefully they offer me."

Recently Prince made his way to Provo to participate in BYU's Junior Day. It wasn't Prince's first time in Provo, as he's been a participant in their summer camps as recently as this past summer.

"I like BYU," said Prince. "I know a lot about their program and I'm Mormon, so I like that they're a church school. They've indicated that they may offer me here soon. They just need to decide if they're going to offer a quarterback at all this year. If they are, then they're telling me that it would likely be me."

Prince has spent a lot of time talking to BYU coaches. Quarterbacks coach Brandon Doman and linebackers coach Barry Lamb are the two coaches he's had the most contact with.

"I like Coach Doman; he's a good guy," said Prince. "Coach Lamb and Coach Doman are very straight up and honest with me, which I like."

Through their conversations during the recruiting process, BYU coaches have mentioned to Prince that they'd be more likely to offer him if he was to leave directly on a mission out of high school. With players leaving and returning from missions so often, Prince is well-aware of the conundrum it often puts BYU in with regards to offering scholarships.

"They've been up front and honest with me every step of the way, which I appreciate," said Prince. "I turn 19 the November after I graduate and could leave a little earlier and come back and have all my eligibility left. I might do that. I just need to decide."

So where would BYU be in the pecking order if they were to offer a scholarship to Prince?

"They'd be my number-one school if they offered," said Prince. "I like BYU a lot. I like how they play and I like the school. BYU and Washington are the two schools I like the most."

As for Boise State, Prince mentions that they're probably the school he has had the most contact with through phone calls and letters, although he has yet to visit the campus.

"I'm going to Boise State's summer camp and will obviously learn more about the program then," said Prince. "I like their program and just need to learn more about them."

Prince describes himself as a classic drop-back quarterback who can scramble and move around in the pocket better than most quarterbacks.

"I'm a dual-threat quarterback," said Prince. "I can stand in the pocket, but I'm very good rolling out of it and making yards downfield when I leave the pocket. I have good pocket presence and I want to work on my reads better this next season."

TBS will keep in touch with Prince, as more options are bound to come forth for the promising quarterback prospect in the coming months.

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