BYU Receives Linebacker Commit

BYU has received its third commit in four days. On Tuesday, BYU coaches secured a commitment from a junior Utah First-Team All-State football player.

The cold and rainy weather that has hit Utah isn't enough to put a freeze on a red-hot Coach Mendenhall and his Cougar staff, which just received their third commit in just four days. On Tuesday, Coach Mendenhall received his latest commit, this one coming from 6-foot-3-inch, 235-pound linebacker Kevan Bills. This commitment brings the current total up to 13.

"I've got some really good news," said Bills while chuckling. "BYU offered me a scholarship."

Bills, a junior All-State performer, joins his brother and fellow Timpview High School teammate Craig Bills in receiving a full-ride scholarship offer from BYU. Having played defensive end last season for Timpview's state championship team, Bills had to wait for a BYU offer, as the coaches had to hold off for a while in order to see him perform at the linebacker position.

"They told me it's harder to project somebody that has been playing as a down lineman with their hand on the ground," Bills said. "It's harder to project how they'll do standing up. That's one of the reasons why it took longer for them to evaluate me, but that's alright."

However, that day came when BYU coaches were able to see Bills perform at the linebacker position during their Junior Day. Apparently, the coaches had finally seen enough and were very impressed, as they extended an offer.

"[BYU] offered my brother first, but told me that they were still interested in me," Bills said. "They told me they needed to see how I play at linebacker. I had been working out with my brothers before, and so I showed up at BYU's Junior Day last Friday and worked out with the linebackers. I guess I did alright.

Bills, along with his parents Randy and Robin, met with Coach Mendenhall in his office last Tuesday morning.

"We got called back into Coach Mendenhall's office," Bills said. "He just talked to me, my mom and my dad. Coach Reynolds was there also, and he went on to explain what BYU football is all about and how different it is playing there than at any other college in the country. The standards at BYU and the expectations they have of their players is higher than at any other college in the country. After he talked with me, he pulled out an envelope and asked me to open it up. Inside there was an offer for me. I was just very excited and it was something that was very special.

"Coach Mendenhall is such a great guy and the more he spoke to us the more we felt the spirit. The words he spoke and how he feels about BYU, [and] how they help each player both outside of football as well as with football, is very exciting. It was a very special experience for me and very spiritual.

"Both of my older brothers have played there at BYU, and also my younger brother was offered a scholarship to play there as well. Just the opportunity to have a chance to go there and play football is just awesome. I was very excited to know that I would be able to play for a school that I've always dreamed of playing for. I feel so great to have the opportunity to play for BYU and to represent BYU, what it stands for, and what it means to play for them."

It didn't take long for Bills to accept the scholarship offer, thanks in part to the fact that his older brother K.C. played at BYU, and another brother, Kelly, is currently on the team. In addition, he said that he had already thought about the decision and had prayed about it.

"Coach Mendenhall said to me, ‘We brought you in here because we want you on this team,'" said Bills. "I just told him…‘I'm ready to commit to you right now coach.' He said, ‘That's great, and that's the answer we are looking for.' I committed to them that Tuesday morning right in his office at the end of the meeting."

Timpview head coach Louis Wong and his staff have decided to move Bills over to his natural position of inside linebacker for his senior season.

"I'm now at the linebacker's position at Timpview," Bills said. "A few weeks ago I was told that it would be a good move to put me in at linebacker. This is a good move for me and that's one good thing about Coach Wong. He tries to do the best thing for the player, which is usually the best thing for the team. I'm very thankful for him moving me to the linebacker's position. I was told that I'll probably get a lot of looks from other colleges now because of that."

Bills will play next to another recent BYU commit in Michael Alisa, who plays the outside linebacker's position.

"Michael is an awesome guy," Bills said. "He's definitely one of our leaders on our team, and we've been talking about playing together past high school. It's just going to be an awesome experience playing with him and other players that have played at our school that have gone on to play at BYU. It's just going to be awesome to continue our experiences together.

"We've been talking to each other and we both know we're both committed to BYU. We're both excited to play together one more year at Timpview and then move on to BYU. I'm excited to play football at BYU."

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