Tuioti-Mariner Considering His Options

Options abound for Max Tuioti-Mariner, who plays on the offensive and defensive lines for Corona High School in the greater Los Angeles area. With so many offers, Tuioti-Mariner has quite a chore in regards to narrowing down his options. TBS caught up with him to learn what those options are.

"I'm going to get together with my friends and family here soon and narrow my list down to my five favorite schools," said Tuioti-Mariner. "I don't have five schools in mind right now, so I really need to sit down and think about it."

Tuioti-Mariner's list includes just about every major Division 1 school in the Western region, among other schools. Most of these schools have already come forth with offers for the talented 6-foot-4-inch, 300-pound offensive line recruit.

"I have offers from Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State, Cal, Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Ole Miss, Hawaii, Michigan State and Boise State," said Tuioti-Mariner. "I know I'm forgetting some, but those are the main guys who have offered.

So how does one narrow down such a vast list?

"I don't know," said Tuioti-Mariner while laughing. "I don't really have a favorite or any school in mind right now. I have some things that are important to me and I'll sit down and decide which school offers those things that are important to me most."

Chief among the important aspects of a program for Tuioti-Mariner is playing in the Pac-10 conference.

"I like the Pac-10 and have always dreamed of playing in that conference," said Tuioti-Mariner. "I like Oregon a lot and have probably had the most contact with them, along with Arizona. I also like USC a lot, and if they offer I'd be very interested. I really like USC."

Along with playing in the Pac-10, Tuioti-Mariner is intent on playing for a school with a good environment and good academics.

"Those things are very important to me," said Tuioti-Mariner. "I want a school that has good academics and a place that I can fit in socially that has a good environment."

Tuioti-Mariner is, of course, not limiting the schools that he might sign with to only Pac-10 schools. The schools outside of the Pac-10 that have shown interest are schools Tuioti-Mariner will strongly consider.

"BYU, Hawaii and Colorado are probably the top three schools I like most outside of the Pac-10," said Tuioti-Mariner. "I'm really interested in all three of those schools. I really want to visit Hawaii and learn more about them."

As for his summer plans, Tuioti-Mariner is set to participate at a camp at San Jose State, as his team will be working out there this summer. As for attending other camps, he'll decide after narrowing his lengthy list.

"All schools have a chance and I like all the schools that have offered me," said Tuioti-Mariner. "I haven't written any of them off. I haven't really focused on the schools yet, but will start doing that here soon. I want to narrow it down to five and just concentrate on and compare those schools."

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