Bolen Waiting for First Offer

Bo Bolen led the entire state of Colorado in rushing yards a year ago, and is hearing from a lot of schools. Most recently, Bolen made his way to Provo for BYU's Junior Day. TBS caught up with Bolen to learn of his Junior Day experience, along with what is on the docket for the 5-foot-9-inch, 180-pound running back prospect.

"It was fun going to BYU and working out with the coaches," said Bo Bolen. "I wasn't real happy with how I did, but I'll be back there this summer to work more on my game."

The hope of many prospects while attending camps is that they'll be noticed and deemed worthy of a scholarship offer. Bolen wasn't met with that offer when he returned home from the one-day junior event at BYU.

"Yeah, I was hoping for an offer, but it didn't come," said Bolen. "They like me they say, but think I need to put on some more weight for them to offer me. We'll just see what happens."

Bolen is not content to just sit by, hoping BYU or another school may come around. The rushing champion out of Grandview High is aiming to work as hard as possible to prove his worth during the summer.

"I'm going back to BYU's camp and I'll go to Utah's as well," said Bolen. "I feel that I don't do as well without contact, but hopefully I'll prove my worth to either school at summer camp."

Bolen knows that in order to prove his worth, he has to improve his speed, having ran a disappointing 4.8 at a recent camp.

"That's my focus right now," said Bolen. "I need to get my speed up, along with working on my strength."

As mentioned, Bolen has received interest from schools other than BYU.

"I'm hearing a lot from Utah, BYU, Stanford and Kansas State," said Bolen. "I'm going to visit Stanford's camp as well this summer, to see their campus and show them what I got."

Although no scholarship offer has made itself available, Bolen is hopeful that one will be coming his way soon.

"I feel that I'm a Division I player who can play for a major school," said Bolen. "Schools are interested and now I just need to show them that I'm worthy of a scholarship. Utah coaches like me a lot and have made calls, Stanford texts me all the time, and I've had a lot of contact with BYU. Something will open up and hopefully I'll get an offer."

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