Jenkins Getting It Done

Rancho Verde High School wide receiver William "Willy J" Jenkins was recruited early by BYU coaches. The Cougar staff made it known to him that he would receive an official scholarship based upon one criterion.

BYU coaches are in the market for a wide receiver that can fit within their high-flying passing offense, and have determined that 6-foot, 180-pound William Jenkins is the type of character and student-athlete that could do just that.

However, there was one hang-up: BYU coaches would only offer the speedy Southern California receiver if he did one thing.

"[BYU's coaches] wanted me to get my grades up," said Jenkins. "We just finished up our finals and everything for this last semester. I came out with a 3.0 [GPA], and so that should boost that up a little bit. I think BYU should be pretty happy with that."

Jenkins said that he is hoping that the BYU coaches will take notice of the increase in his GPA, and that his classroom performance will be good enough for the Cougar coaching staff to extend an official scholarship offer.

"They should be contacting my coach pretty soon to see if I have raised [my GPA]," Jenkins said. "They should be contacting him soon to make sure that I've done what I had to do. Then after that, they're supposed to make it official."

How would Jenkins feel about receiving an official offer from BYU?

"I would feel really good about that," said Jenkins. "It doesn't get any better than BYU pretty much. I mean, that's a topnotch school."

Coach Mendenhall and his staff are striving for overall excellence within every facet of his program. That not only includes building upon last year's undefeated MWC season and Las Vegas Bowl victory over Oregon, but also includes raising the players' GPAs in the class room. As it is, the Cougar football program already possesses one of the highest team GPAs in the country. In fact, according to one online article at, the football team's GPA was the third-highest among all Division I teams.

"Man, I did not know that BYU's football team had that high of a GPA," said Jenkins. "I can see why they feel it's important for me to get my GPA up. I know they expect a lot from you, like the honor code. When you have a team like BYU coming at you and recruiting you, man, I just gotta think my parents did a good job in raising me."

Since being recruited by BYU, Jenkins has learned more about the values of the private institution.

"I've learned about their honor code, but I don't know every little thing about them," said Jenkins. "I do know the basic rules and the honor code and all of that. In regards to the honor code and everything, I don't have any problems with that because I don't do anything like that right now. I don't do those things that BYU asks [students to avoid] within their honor code, so it's not a problem for me.

"I do know they are committed to a higher standard of excellence and all that. I also know that their facilities are really nice too. I'm looking forward to taking an official trip out there and getting a chance to see and learn everything better up close, but I do know their facilities are [state of the art]. I plan on going out there and taking an official visit."

Jenkins's parents also believe that BYU would be a great school for him to succeed both on and off the field.

"[My parents] think it would be great for me," Jenkins said. "I mean, they know it's a place where I can go and succeed and do the right things and do what's right. They feel it would be a great situation for me."

BYU is not the only program to pursue Jenkins.

"Pretty much BYU and Washington and Colorado [are] showing interest," Jenkins said. "Nebraska and Boise State [are] as well, just to name a few. BYU basically is the only school that has offered me. They came out with a soft verbal based upon if I get my grades up.

"Other than that, the other schools are waiting to see if I can my grades higher, and I did that this past semester. I should be getting in some more offers coming in really soon, but right now it's just the soft verbal offer by BYU based on my grades."

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