Nicholson Is In

Garrett Nicholson made his commitment official to BYU coaches on Wednesday after he and his family made the trip down from Salt Lake. Nicholson is a 5-foot-10-inch, 180-pound cornerback from West High School in Salt Lake City, who made his decision based on feelings, familiarity and opportunity.

"BYU was the best place for me," said Nicholson. "I love the coaching staff a lot, the atmosphere there, the players, just everything at BYU is what I want in a program. I'm excited to have the chance to play in Coach Mendenhall's program."

Nicholson ironically spent a day participating at a camp at BYU's rival Utah this week, after doing drills at the All-Poly camp the week prior. After being approached by Ute coaches following the day he participated in drills, Nicholson decided soon after that BYU was the right place for him.

"I like Utah, but BYU just feels right," said Nicholson. "I decided with my family that I wanted to make my final decision before my birthday, which is next week, so I did. I didn't have an offer from Utah yet, but I didn't want to wait. BYU was the right place for me."

Nicholson is a 5-foot-10-inch, 180-pound cornerback who cites his speed and smarts as his biggest assets. Nicholson claims a 4.45 forty time, and ran a 10.85 100 meters for his track team.

"I'm fast," said Nicholson. "Speed is a strength. I feel that I can keep up with anyone in coverage. I also feel that I'm smart in picking up systems and learning different coverages."

Nicholson will soon prep himself to implement himself into Coach Mendenhall's 3-4 system, which he feels will supplement his strengths.

"BYU has a great defensive system," said Nicholson. "I've studied it a lot and I feel that I know it very well already. The system they run and how they run it is a big reason why I committed to BYU. It's a system where I believe I can reach my potential."

Playing cornerback, Nicholson will learn primarily from relatively-new cornerbacks coach Jaime Hill. Nicholson said he wouldn't have it any other way after becoming very close to the Cougar assistant coach throughout the recruiting process.

"Coach Hill was a big reason why I committed," said Nicholson. "I have a very strong relationship with Coach Hill. He's a guy who I trust and he's a great coach. Playing for Coach Hill was definitely a big influence on me and a big reason why I want to go to BYU."

Nicholson's parents also grew fond of BYU and the program being run by head coach Bronco Mendenhall, who Nicholson's father played with while in college. Despite the relationship his father has to Mendenhall and the desire both parents may have had for Nicholson to play for BYU, they left the decision entirely up to him.

"[My parents] didn't push me at all," said Nicholson. "They wanted me to make my own decision and go where I felt most comfortable. I decided that was BYU and they support me in my decision. They would have supported me if I made a different decision as well, but I know they're both happy that I chose BYU."

Nicholson is not LDS and plans on playing four straight years at BYU, where he aims to make an immediate impact.

"I know what players they have now and what they have coming in, and I feel that I can make an immediate impact on the field at BYU," said Nicholson. "I'm confident that I can work myself to where I can play right away. That's my goal and hopefully it will happen. I feel that the system and my familiarity with the program will help me a lot."

Nicholson has also noted the existing relationship the current players in the program have with one another. The camaraderie amongst the players is palpable when Nicholson visits the school, observes practices, or sees the team playing in games.

"You can just tell that they're fully invested in what the program is," said Nicholson. "You can tell that they love playing together and playing in the system down there. I want to be a part of that and that is why I committed today."

Nicholson will be making his way down to BYU next week for the second week of camp, where he'll participate without pads. During that week Nicholson aims to learn even more to prep himself for the next level.

"I'm excited to get going," said Nicholson. "I love having the opportunity to learn from Coach Hill and the other coaches, so yeah, I'm excited to go to camp next week. I just want to start preparing, you know, start preparing to make an immediate impact at BYU."

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