Stringham Excited to be a Cougar

Offensive lineman Brock Strigham, who BYU started seriously recruiting this past spring, committed to Cougar coaches this week. Both the coaching staff and Stringham seemed to grow to realize that BYU was the right place for him. TBS caught up with Stringham to learn of his thoughts on being the most recent Cougar commit.

"I'm very excited right now," said Brock Stringham. "I know they're the right school and program for me to be able to grow spiritually and as a football player."

Stringham is a 6-foot-6-inch, 265-pound offensive lineman from Mountain Vista High School, which is just south of Denver. Although Stringham committed relatively early to BYU, he was not without other options, as he held offers from some schools with many another school starting to line up.

"I had offers from UNLV and Colorado State and a lot of schools calling me and sending me stuff," said Stringham. "I had a lot of schools that wanted me to come to their camp, and if I did I probably could have earned some more offers, but BYU was the school I was most interested in, so I went to BYU and things worked out."

As mentioned, Stringham began his courtship with BYU back in the spring as offensive coordinator Robert Anae made a visit to Stringham's high school to set the initial evaluation process in motion.

"I've been texting BYU and I've had a lot of conversations with them," said Stringham. "I've talked to Coach Weber, who will be my offensive line coach, and he told me about what they're doing with offensive linemen and I like what he's doing. He's just an awesome guy and a very experienced coach who knows his stuff."

Through his conversations with Cougar coaches, Stringham determined that he needed to go to camp to not only work on his game, but to show that he was worthy of the eventual scholarship offered him.

"Camp was great," said Stringham. "They really worked us hard, but I really feel that I improved on my game. It was focused on teaching us drive-blocking, which is really fun. I've spent most my time learning how to pass-block, so learning how to drive-block was different, but a lot of fun. They just kept teaching me to keep my pad level down when drive-blocking, and the things I learn will really help me this coming season."

Shortly after camp concluded, Stringham decided that BYU was indeed the place for him and quickly snatched up the offer given to him.

"It was an easy decision," said Stringham. "I know BYU is the best place for me. I felt so good there at camp with everything. BYU is something I just really want to be a part of. I love the football aspect, but most of all the spiritual aspect, which is what Coach Mendenhall emphasizes. I love that."

Stringham has mission plans and will likely play a year before leaving on his mission.

"I feel that's the best way to do it," said Stringham. "By doing that I'll have a full four years when I get back and will have already gotten used to the program and all that."

Stringham played offensive tackle for his varsity squad this past season, and garnered First-Team All-Conference honors playing for 5A Mountain Vista. Stringham helped his team finish an impressive 10-2.

"I had a good year, but I can get better," said Stringham. "My goal is to be All-State this coming year."

Stringham cites quickness off the ball and quick feet as his biggest strengths as an offensive lineman.

"I run a 5.1 forty," said Stringham. "I feel that I'm athletic for an offensive lineman, that I can get off of the line quicker than most, and that I can use my feet well, using good technique to block well."

So on to BYU it is for Stringham, who will continue his development both spiritually and athletically. Besides high personal goals, Stringham also has high goals for the team he's set to join, and those goals match the goals of the current football team.

"I want to win a national championship while at BYU," said Stringham. "Coach Mendenhall told me that winning a national championship is what he's pushing for and I can see them doing it. I want to be a part of that. BYU is a school that is on the right track. They have a great program and they're only getting better."

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