Meet Paipai Falemalu

Recently, released its revised Northwest Hot 100 list. We caught up with one of those young men, who is No. 20 on that list. He is yet another talented athlete who hails from the high school powerhouse known as Kahuku High School.

Fans and the college coaches who volunteered at the recent All-Poly Camp up in Bountiful, Utah were all aware of the two big names that would make the long trip from Hawaii to Utah. Those two names are Shiloah and Manti Te'o. However, what fans did not know was that there was another standout performer, who happens to be a Kahuku Red Raider and the cousin of Manti Te'o. TBS caught up with outside linebacker recruit Paipai (pronounced Pie-pie) Falemalu.

"I play outside linebacker for Kahuku," said Falemalu. "I'm about 6'3", 210 [pounds]. My forty time is about a 4.6 and my shuttle is a 4.2. I do the 185 bench 20 times, and my max bench is 285.

"I'm aggressive, I'm a team player, and I try not to do just my job, but if I can do more to help the team, then I'll do it so the team can be successful," Falemalu said.

At the All-Poly Camp, Paipai definitely showed up with his "A" game, and the coaches took notice. Not only did he come away with one of the top linebacker awards for his camp performance, he also came away with a scholarship.

"UNLV offered me at the camp," Falemalu said. "I told them that I'm very interested, but I also told them that just in case I have other offers I'm going to hold off. This camp was really good for me because I was only being looked at by three schools, but this camp helped me get more offers and more exposure. Anything that gets me into college for free I'm down with, but I don't want to take the offer now if something better comes along, so I just want to kick back and wait a while."

As interest in Falemalu picks up, he'll undoubtedly have more offers to choose from. At some point he'll have to find a school that best suits him and meets the criteria of what he's looking for in a Division-I school.

"In a school, I'm looking for a place that has my major, and I want to see how many linebackers they have," said Falemalu. "I don't want to go to a good school that has a million linebackers and I won't have a chance to play, and I'll be stuck on the sidelines."

BYU is one of the schools that has been keeping close tabs on Falemalu. So, what does he think and know about BYU, and what does he think about the possibility of playing with Shiloah Te'o if Shiloah were to choose to come here?

"I know they are a big church school, a Mormon school," Falemalu said. "Me, myself, I'm not a Mormon, but I'm willing to live a Mormon life. I can live that life because I'm not a troubled kid.

"It would be appealing to play with Shiloah [if he were to commit to BYU]; he knows what I can do and I know what he can do. Also, we could help each other going to practice or when we work out, and he could help me out if I didn't know something about what goes on at BYU.

"I don't know much about their program, but I hear they're pretty good. I've watched them on TV a little bit and they looked really good. One of our players from Kahuku, Aaron Fransisco, he's in the NFL now and he looked good coming out of BYU. Gary Nagy is trying to convince me to go there too. He's telling me that that would be one more Kahuku player there and we could all work together."

BYU has an established connection to the NFL with a number of former players and coaches now coaching in the NFL. This is something that Falemalu likes.

"That's a big plus for me," said Falemalu. "All the players here, that's their dream, to play in the NFL. If that will get me to the NFL, I'll go to BYU."

TBS will catch up with Paipai to discuss his unofficial visit to BYU and his experience at the USC Rising Stars Camp.

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