Apo Gets An Offer From BYU

Ross Apo stood out above all other receivers during the first week of camp at BYU. Cougar coaches took note of Apo's play, extending a full scholarship offer to the intriguing receiver prospect that will soon be entering his sophomore season.

Ross Apo is a 6-foot-2-inch, 186-pound wide receiver prospect who played for powerhouse Trinity High School last season as a freshman. Apo came to BYU and opened the eyes of all those in attendance with his Randy Moss-esque play.

"People nickname me ‘Randy Ross,'" said Apo. "I have that name etched on the back of my cleats. I like the nickname and hopefully I can play more and more like Randy Moss."

Indeed, Apo showed similar skills and demonstrated exceptional speed for a player of his size, coupled with above-average leaping ability. Apo was the go-to guy in every drill he ran and on whatever team he played for.

"I feel I did well at BYU," said Apo. "I was healthy and felt good running drills. I learned a lot and I really liked it there at BYU."

Apo is LDS and is excited about the scholarship offer BYU gave to him after the camp had ended.

"It was awesome to get a full-ride offer from BYU," said Apo. "It's really early, but I love BYU. I love the environment and they have a great program. My parents are very excited as well. They like BYU a lot too."

Apo recently ran a 4.58 forty for his track coach at Trinity this past year and recorded a 37-inch vertical leap at a recent combine, a stat that Apo was disappointed with.

"At that combine I pulled my hamstring a bit and didn't even run the forty because of it," said Apo. "I know I can jump a lot higher than 37 inches. I can dunk the basketball pretty easy, do reverse dunks and all that. So yeah, I know I can jump well over 40 inches when I'm healthy."

Apo prepped at Trinity last season, seeing playing time in games for the powerhouse Trinity varsity squad. This year however, Apo will be playing elsewhere as he looks to improve academically.

"My parents feel it is best for me to transfer because of my grades," said Apo, who will be playing for Oakridge this coming year in Arlington, Texas. "I didn't get really good grades at Trinity, so my dad is putting me in a private school to help with my grades."

Since he's transferring, Apo will only be a sophomore this coming year, although he'll be turning 17 this coming September. If he continues at Oakridge, Apo will be 20 years old when he plays his first season in college.

"My parents just want to make sure I'm ready academically. They're not worried about me athletically," said Apo. "I need to be eligible to go play Division-I football; that's the most important thing."

So where would Apo like to play Division-I football when he's through with high school?

"I really like BYU right now," said Apo. "It's a great program. I like the coaches a lot and it's my church's school. I felt really good there and had a lot of fun. I hope I get more offers, but BYU is my favorite school right now."

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