Lawrence In No Hurry

Safety prospect Simoni Lawrence has plenty of options as he comes off of a season which earned him Junior College Player of the Year honors. TBS caught up with Lawrence to help map out his recruiting process and to learn of what options he has.

Simoni Lawrence is a 6-foot-1-inch, 210-pound safety prospect from Valley Forge Military Academy and College in Pennsylvania. Lawrence played free safety, and a little bit of running back and wide receiver, for his school this past year, helping him earn JUCO Player of the Year honors.

Lawrence had 10 interceptions a season ago, and returned two of those for touchdowns. Lawrence also recorded 107 tackles and five other touchdowns that he scored playing offense part-time for his team. As one could imagine, the list of potential suitors for Lawrence at the Division-I level is vast and impressive.

"I have offers from Utah, BYU, Minnesota, West Virginia and Temple so far," said Lawrence. "I'm also hearing a ton from Miami, Oregon State and Pittsburgh, and those schools look like they'll offer as well."

Lawrence mentioned that his speed, footwork and ability to hit are his strengths.

"I can run a 4.47 forty," said Lawrence. "I have real good footwork and I'm a good open-field tackler. I can hit and I feel that I can take on anyone in the open field and across the middle."

So which of the schools showing interest in Lawrence does he have his sights set on at this early stage of the recruiting process?

"None really right now," said Lawrence. "I don't really have a favorite and I'm in no hurry to decide. I'll take my trips and decide on signing day where I want to go and play."

At this early stage Lawrence may be leaning a bit toward Minnesota for some personal reasons.

"I like the prospect of playing in the Big Ten, so I can play against Penn St.," explained Lawrence. "They recruited me hard out of high school and I was set to sign with them, but when I didn't qualify I went to junior college. Now that they have the chance to get me again they're telling me they don't take athletes for two years or whatever, so yeah, it would be nice to play against them."

Lawrence is LDS, which leads to his mutual attraction with BYU and with Utah.

"I have a brother who went to Utah," said Lawrence. "He's going on a mission now and will come back and most likely play for them. I'm LDS, so that's why I'm interested in BYU as well. I really don't know much about their school, but I'll go out there to visit and see what's up there."

In regards to what Lawrence is looking for in a Division-I school, he lists specific academic programs and environment as the two biggest factors.

"I'm not real worried about going to a place where it looks like I can get playing time right away," said Lawrence. "I know what I can do and I'm not worried about stuff like that. I know I can play wherever I go. What I want is a school that has a good sports management program, or a good sports broadcasting school, since those are the two programs I'm interested in majoring in.

"I also want to go to a school where I feel comfortable. It doesn't necessarily have to be BYU or Utah because I'm LDS. I just want to feel comfortable with the people I'm going to play with and attend school with. That's important to me."

So when is Lawrence likely to commit?

"I'm going to play the season out and then decide," said Lawrence. "Like I said, I want to visit and consider all of my options and then decide. I probably won't be deciding until signing day."

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