Castillo Gets Advice

BYU coaches are recruiting Greg Castillo, the son of Philadelphia Eagles offensive line coach Juan Castillo. The star cornerback from St. Joseph's Prep School currently has three scholarship offers, and with only a few BYU scholarships left, time could be of the essence.

The BYU Cougar coaching staff is close to wrapping up their recruiting for the 2007 season. With only a handful of scholarships left on the table, an athlete's options are diminishing the longer they wait.

Following a one-day visit to Provo, Utah for BYU's annual summer camp, Greg Castillo was one of the few that received a full-ride scholarship following camp activities. With the remaining scholarships becoming more and more precious as athletes snatch them up, the Cougar coaching staff asked Castillo to make a decision within a week. Now that the time frame has come and gone, Castillo feels he needs a little more time to weigh what are his best options.

"I was there for one day for the summer camp," Castillo said. "I really didn't know what to expect, but when I was there I thought it was all good. I thought the campus was really nice, as well as the area. I thought everything was really nice and my dad told me a lot about BYU, but I really didn't believe it until I was there. My dad went up there before I did and he's the one that told me about it. He said it was really nice up there."

While visiting BYU's campus, Castillo notice something surprisingly similar about the Cougar facilities.

"They based everything off of the Philadelphia Eagles' facilities," said Castillo. "At the Eagles' indoor practice facility, they have just one practice field. At BYU they have two fields like that and I thought that was pretty neat. I thought it was really nice."

Following his one day visit to BYU's campus, Castillo was informed he had received a Cougar scholarship upon his return home. The Cougar staff asked him to think it over, but to not take too long in making a decision.

"They gave me a week to decide," said Castillo. "Actually, I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow to the Bahamas for five days, so I have to tell them how I feel tonight. I'm supposed to tell them what I'm going to do with my verbal commitment tonight. I have to call Coach Hill and talk to him. I liked the whole place and I loved it out there, but I just don't know if I'm really ready to make a commitment so soon. I just need more time to think it through. This is a big decision for me and I just some time to see what college is right for me."

With so few scholarships left on the table, Castillo understands that if he waits too long, his options could be narrowed down from three to two.

"Yeah, I know and I talked with Coach Weber the offensive line coach about that recently," said Castillo. "He said there are only a few scholarships left. He just said to not put too much pressure on myself but to understand the situation and to make the decision that's best for me. I'm going to ask tonight if I can have more time, so I'll call Coach Hill to find out about that."

With three universities having offered Castillo, he currently has three unique universities to choose from. His current choices are BYU, Ohio and Bowling Green.

"Location is kind of an issue," Castillo said. "The first thing I'm looking for is education. I want to make sure that I graduate, so I'm looking at education first, then obviously the football program. I also want to feel comfortable wherever I'm at. I want to make sure that I'm comfortable with everyone. I've been to Ohio's campus and I liked it. I haven't been to Bowling Green yet but I plan on taking a trip out there once I get back from vacation. I've been to BYU's campus and I like it there and thought everyone was really nice. The people at BYU were incredibly nice. "

"My dad talked to me about how nice the people are up there at BYU. Also, Coach [Andy] Reid talked to me about that, and about BYU's strict moral code and if I could live by it."

So what does Castillo think of BYU's honor code?

"I'm not LDS but I'm going to college for football and to get an education," Castillo said. "Those types of things that go against the honor code won't be happening anyways. Those things aren't really an issue with me."

According to Castillo, his father has quite a bit of respect for the BYU coaching staff.

"[My father] wants me to go to BYU," said Greg Castillo. "He respects the coaches as like a father figure, I guess. I guess it's some sort of dad thing, but he really trusts the coaches up there."

Having coached for nearly 13 years, Philadelphia Eagles assistant coach Juan Castillo has been around the game of football at many levels for quite some time. Having a father coaching at the NFL level also has its perks.

"My father coaches offensive line for the Philadelphia Eagles," said Castillo. "He's going into his 13th year. I talk to Coach Reid once in awhile. He's awesome and a great guy. He called me about BYU, and since he has a son coming to my school next year he's always talking to me about it during practice. He said that it is a Mormon school, but he wasn't Mormon when he went there and he loved it. He said going to BYU was some of the best years of his life. It's pretty cool that he would take the time to talk to me about those things."

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