BYU Still Recruiting California Receiver

According to Rancho Verde High School wide receiver William Jenkins, BYU coaches are still contending for his services. The 6-foot, 180-pound speedster, who can also play cornerback, is hearing from some Pac-10 schools as well.

BYU coaches expressed interest in Jenkins early, but whether he would receive an official offer or not would be based on his classroom performance. Jenkins was asked to get his grades up to BYU standards before he would receive an official scholarship offer.

"My grades are a lot better now and I've made up a couple of classes," Jenkins said. "I went through some summer school sessions and made up some more ground on the grades. So right now my grades are solid and BYU basically hasn't been too aggressive on that, because Coach Duffy told them that my grades would be there and that it wouldn't be a problem."

According to Jenkins, the BYU offer is still on the table.

"Basically, the BYU offer is still on the table from what I understand," Jenkins said. "I just have to go out there for my senior season and work hard and keep doing what I can on the field. I just have to go out there and do what I do and basically everything should be good.

"BYU is still actively recruiting me and they send me mail all the time. They're basically looking forward to seeing what I can do my senior year. They just basically want me to continue doing what I'm doing and to keep my grades solid, so when everything comes around next year everything should be right."

As of late, the Huskies of Washington have expressed quite a bit of interest for Jenkins' services as a wide receiver. The Huskies coaching staff has made it clear to Jenkins that they are looking for more speed at the receiver position.

"Basically, the Washington Huskies have come on hard and have been recruiting me pretty tough lately," Jenkins said. "They've been sending me recruiting information pretty heavily. From what I understand Washington is pretty close to offering me. They said they still want to review more of my film, but they said they got the two outside receivers and now they just need another speedster. That's where they want me to come in, and so they said they'll be talking to me more and that's when they'll hopefully offer.

On top of BYU and Washington, Jenkins has also received recruiting interest from Boise State, Arizona State and Nebraska.

Over the summer, Jenkins attended the USC camp and competed well against some stiff competition.

"I went to the USC camp recently," Jenkins said. "I got ranked top 10 at their camp for wide receivers. The competition was pretty good out there and they had some pretty good defensive backs and receivers out there. They had a whole lot of athletes out there period, and there was quite a bit of talent at the camp from all over the country. They had guys from Florida out there and all over."

Jenkins had planned on going out to BYU's summer camp, but never made it out to Provo, Utah.

"I was talking to Coach Duffy to see what the status was about that," Jenkins said. "I honestly can't tell you what happened about that because I wanted to go out to BYU's camp. I really wanted to go out there and was hoping to go out there, but I don't really know what happened."

Despite missing BYU's summer camp for unexplainable reasons, Jenkins does have personal plans for visiting BYU's campus in the near future.

"Yeah, I have plans on taking a trip out there to BYU," said Jenkins. "I'm not sure when I'll be coming up there, but it will probably be sometime after I take these SAT tests in August. I want to come up there and check things out personally, so it will probably be sometime after that."

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