Angilau Wants to Play

TBS caught up with incoming freshman defensive lineman David Angilau, who is from Colorado. Angilau has been working out hard and is anxious to get to Provo, where he looks to make an immediate impact on the success of this year's football team.

"I'm excited, man, I'm really excited," said David Angilau regarding his impending report to the team on August 1. "I've been waiting for this a long time and to have it almost here is really exciting."

Angilau is 6 feet 2 inches, 275 pounds, and is from Longmont, Colorado. Angilau will be competing primarily for time in the defensive end rotation, although he may end up getting some reps at nose tackle due to the depth issues there. Regardless of where he'll be competing, Angilau wants the opportunity to do just that: compete.

"I just want to play," said Angilau. "I don't want to redshirt. I don't think anyone does when they come in. I'm more of a defensive end-type and will probably play there, but I'll do whatever they [the coaches] want."

Angilau has been preparing himself hard in order to compete at the highest level possible when he reports to the team. Like all incoming freshman, Angilau was given a detailed workout packet that he's followed very closely.

"I do everything that is outlined in the workout guide they gave me," said Angilau. "I've been working out every day. I go hard every single day doing exactly what the guide tells me to do. They made it for linemen like me, so it's helped a lot."

So what has Angilau been working on specifically?

"Mostly on my overall agility and burst off the line," said Angilau. "That's what I've been working most on and it's really helped. I feel quicker than I've ever felt. I almost feel like a linebacker, but I'm still strong like a lineman."

Angilau has indeed kept working on his overall strength to the tune of a 360 bench and a 515 squat.

"I'm as strong as I've ever been," said Angilau. "I'm in really good shape all around."

In order to compete right away, incoming freshmen often have to compete first with the thin mountain air in Provo during practices. It's an aspect very much foreign to incoming freshmen from California, Texas and other places near sea level, and leaves said recruits gasping for air during most workouts as they adjust. Being from Colorado, Angilau won't be having that problem.

"I'm used to the mountain air," said Angilau. "I think I work out at even a higher elevation than what the altitude is at BYU, so yeah, I'll be well prepared. It won't be a problem; I'm used to the thin air in the mountains."

Angilau has some family members on the team, such as Manase Tonga, and another family member who he'll likely be competing head-to-head with for playing time in Mosese Foketi.

"I like that I have some guys I already know real well there," said Angilau regarding his cousins. "I'll be competing with Mosese I guess, but we'll both be going hard and hopefully we both can play a lot this year."

Angilau is well aware of BYU's successes of a year ago and is very excited to be joining a team coming off such a successful season. He says he's confident the team is going in the right direction and will see even more success in future years.

"I loved watching them last year, especially against Oregon," said Angilau. "We just pounded Oregon. Made them look like a bad team, which I really liked. The defense just dominated them and I'm looking for more of that. Just dominating opponents, that's what I like."

Angilau is confident that he can make an immediate impact, citing his quickness off the line and off the edge as his major strength.

"I can get off the end really quick," said Angilau. "I have really good burst off the line, which has improved through my workouts. I feel I can help the team and play a lot right away. We'll just see how it goes. If they want to redshirt me I'll do that, but I really want to play."

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