Pittman Acclimating to Provo

One week before he's set to cut his teeth on the practice field, incoming freshman G Pittman arrived in Provo. He wanted to get more familiar with the campus and town, and get a leg up in acclimating himself to the mountain air, which too often gets the better of unsuspecting freshmen from lower elevations. So far so good for the promising cornerback one week into his stay at Provo.

"I love it here," said G Pittman. "I knew that I would and that is why I signed here in the first place. I'm at the place I want to be and I can't wait to get on that practice field."

Best Shape Possible

Prior to arriving in Provo, Pittman set out to get himself in the best shape possible in order to compete at the Division I level in hopes of making an immediate impact. Pittman's summer workout regimen was strenuous and consistent.

"I worked out harder than I ever have in my life," said Pittman. "I know that I'm going to be required to play at a much higher level and I felt I needed to get ready, so I really stepped it up this summer."

Pittman's workout regimen included a focus on footwork and specialized skill drills for the cornerback position. Pittman also made sure he traveled to Mount Baldy, which is near his home, to get used to running at a higher elevation.

"Two days a week I'd head up to Mount Baldy and run mostly sprints, 100s and 120s with my friend, who is going to San Diego State," explained Pittman. "The other four days I'd work out with a trainer doing mostly work on my cornerback skills and other stuff."

Pittman also worked on increasing his overall strength and will be reporting to the team at 180 pounds. His increased strength and agility will aid Pittman greatly as he aims to make whatever contribution to the team he can during his first season.

"I'm as strong and as fit as I've ever been in my life," said Pittman. "I've always felt strong as a cornerback. I don't back down from anyone and can tackle very well in the open field. I'm not afraid to hit people hard. I feel hitting guys hard in the open field has always been one of my strengths."

Growing by the Day

Pittman has in no doubt grown in regards to his overall conditioning and skill level since signing with BYU, but also has grown in stature. When BYU first offered Pittman he was finishing out his senior year at Rancho Cucamonga High School, and was 5 feet 8 inches tall. When he signed with BYU he grew to be around 5 feet 9 inches tall. Where will Pittman be measuring in at this coming week?

"I'm 5'10 ½," said Pittman. "I've really started to grow this past year. Just a late bloomer, I guess. My dad is 6'1", so I guess I'm finally starting to catch up with him. I know that it will only help me the taller I get, so it's good that I'm getting taller."

A Complete Cougar

Regarding Pittman's plans and goals for his initial season playing Division I football, the freshman cornerback just wants to help wherever he can.

"I'm a Cougar now," said Pittman. "I'm all about helping out the football team now. That's what I'm a part of and that is the team I'm all about helping out wherever I can. I just want to do the best I can [with] whatever the coaches decide to do with me my first year and beyond that."

Pittman's increased conditioning level, coupled with his hard work, among other attributes, will be what he brings to the table when practice kicks off this coming Friday. So what will fans come to expect from Pittman throughout his career at BYU?

"I'm intense and very aggressive," said Pittman. "I'm intense in every rep I take. I don't take plays off. I'm also very aggressive in my coverages and especially when hitting guys in the open field. That's what fans can expect from me while I'm at BYU."

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