Pittman Preparing for Instant Impact

Five practices in, G Pittman has never been the first one to leave the practice field, but he's more than often one of the last to leave. For Pittman, it's all about getting as ready as possible in order to contribute as a true freshman. Since he arrived in Provo, Pittman is doing everything he can to do just that.

"I run wind sprints after every practice," said an exhausted G Pittman following practice. "I do them every day just to get more and more used to this altitude. It's all about getting ready and catching up with these guys who have been on the team for a while."

When looking at the roster of incoming freshmen, a handful are viewed as those with so-called "instant-impact" potential, and indeed expectations by fans and media alike who follow the incoming freshmen through the recruiting process are high for Pittman. Most people, in fact, would put Pittman on top of the list of those with that potential.

"I have high expectations for myself as well," said Pittman. "I don't know what others expect of me. I hope they expect me to work as hard as possible; they should at least, but as far as what I can do this year, I had my own goals coming in and they haven't changed. I want to help out and contribute wherever I can and the best I can."

So far so good for the talented 5-foot-10-inch cornerback prospect from Rancho Cucamonga, California. Almost a full week into fall camp, Pittman has caught the eye of those who watch practices, but mostly has caught the eye of his fellow teammates and coaches.

More than one veteran has commented on or off the record about how impressed they are with Pittman and the incoming freshman class as a whole.

"These guys can play," said linebacker Bryan Kehl. "They have a lot to learn, but you can definitely see that they have the skills to play at the Division-I level. I don't watch the corners all that much, but I know that the guys back there are very impressed with G Pittman and what he's shown so far."

Throughout practices, Pittman has demonstrated quick and accurate feet, matched by above-average closing and make-up speed, which are beneficial to any cornerback prospect.

"I know that I can play," said Pittman. "I know that I have the skills necessary to compete at this level. I knew that coming in and nothing has changed my mind. I'm more determined now after having some practices done, if anything."

Of course the learning curve can be a steep one as Pittman learns the Cougar defensive system and the coverages in the new 3-4 defense. For Pittman, the learning is coming steadily as he improves day-by-day.

"Oh man, there's a lot to learn," said Pittman. "I have a ways to go learning all the different coverages, but I'm learning every day. Every day there's something new and you often have to go over things again and again until you get it right, but I'm getting there. I should be getting everything down here pretty soon."

Of course, Pittman has a willing coaching staff and a full corps of willing veterans to aid him in the learning process. For Pittman he's trying his best to soak it all in.

"Coach Hill is obviously the guy coaching me the most and who I listen to the most, but I have a lot of guys helping me," said Pittman. "Guys like Brandon Howard, Kayle Buchanan and Andre Saulsberry. I ask those guys a lot of things and they're always ready to help."

So how does Pittman see himself fitting in this year?

"Just wherever and whenever I can," said Pittman. "I have a lot of guys ahead of me on the depth chart who I'm looking up to right now, watching them play and asking them for advice. They're my teammates, but I'm also competing against them and they're competing against me. It's all about the team and putting the best guy out there. If it's me, then it's me, but if it's someone else I'll of course wish them the best because it's about the team."

In regards to the program and the school in general, Pittman mentioned that it has simply met what he expected it to be.

"I knew BYU was a great place and the best place for me to attend school and play football," said Pittman. "That's why I'm here and I'm loving it here. I've already made some great friends and I'm in a great program with great coaches. I'm very happy to be here."

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