Another Kozlowski In The Fold

Many of the older generation of BYU fans will remember a wide receiver with the name of Glen Kozlowski during the 1981 and 1983-1985 seasons. Fast forwarding now to 2007, younger BYU fans will now be able to become acquainted with a younger member of the Kozlowski family.

He may not be as tall as his father was, but he definitely has his hands, and 5-foot-9-inch, 170-pound freshman Tyler Kozlowski has worked his way onto the first-team offensive rotation during the Cougars' fall camp.

"I've just been focused and worked hard every day," said Kozlowski. "You can't really focus on how many reps you get, but rather the quality of rep once you get in. I always had that mentality whenever I was with the 2s and the 3s. No matter what, every time I got in I wanted to make that the best rep as possible."

As outside linebacker Bryan Kehl once said, "One man's misfortune is another man's opportunity." With junior outside receiver Michael Reed nursing a minor injury, Kozlowski has taken hold of this opportunity to shine. Kozlowski has shown well at the outside receiver position after being able to rotate in with the first-team group.

"With Michael Reed being hurt and a few other guys being hurt, this has given me an opportunity," said Kozlowski. "This is my opportunity to step up and help out this team as best as I can."

"When I got switched over [from the defensive side of the ball] last year, learning the plays was a little tough for me," Kozlowski said. "I got them all down pretty well now. Today I kind of messed up on a few plays, but the more difficult thing so far has been the intensity. The level of intensity is much greater at this level than in high school. People are…faster, more physical and more intense here at this level, and that's been one of the biggest adjustments for me at this level."

Obtaining the level of mental focus one needs to have at this level is something younger receivers have to learn to adapt to rather quickly. That task would be difficult for any incoming player against this experienced Cougar defense, but Kozlowski seems to have adjusted rather well despite such hurdles for a young receiver.

"Our defense is unbelievably tough," Kozlowski said. "It's just so much different than when you're playing in high school. I really do feel fortunate to be able to practice against this defense, which was the number-one defense in the Mountain West Conference. It's fortunate for us to be able to practice against this level of competition during practices. Here in a couple of weeks we're going to start focusing on Arizona, but the time that we have right now allows us to develop. It's been really good for us."

While developing his talents in this BYU offense, Kozlowski feels his role right now is to be a team player. He will do whatever it takes to not only help his fellow Cougars personally develop, but to help his team win.

"I feel my role is to help the team out," said Kozlowski. "I'm just kind of a team player and I will do whatever they ask me to do. If the coaches tell me that I have to go to defense, I'll go to defense. If they even tell me they need a long snapper, I'll do that. Whatever they tell me what to do, I'll do it. I'm just grateful I'm a part of this experience and will do whatever it takes."

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