Cougars 51-75

In his third installment of the ultimate reference guide, the G-man takes us through numbers 51-75 on the Cougar football roster. Numbers 51-75 include a group of players whose contributions won't be noted in the stat book, but will nevertheless be very important to the overall success of the team this coming year.

#51-Mark Freeman 6-0, 285 OL Fr. Freeman is seeing most of his reps with the 3s as he adds depth to the very deep Cougar offensive line.

#51-Franco Improta 6-0, 210 LB So. Improta has done some nice things during practice from spring through this fall practice session. He's been limited due to some nagging injuries and has seen most of his work with the 3s on defense.

#52-Russell Tialavea 6-3, 300 NT So. Tialavea is gone for the season after sustaining ACL and MCL tears during the first scrimmage of fall camp.

#53-Tom Sorensen 6-5, 315 OL So. Sorensen is back and practicing fully after getting over his own ACL injury. He is a very solid backup option to Sete Aulai at the center position and has been solid throughout practices.

#54-Kyle Luekenga 6-3, 278 DL Jr. Luekenga will redshirt this year due to a shoulder injury. He has yet to suit up and will be competing next season at the defensive end position.

#56-Chris Muehlmann 6-0, 200 DS So. I haven't noticed Muehlmann at all this fall, which is a good thing. After a couple of years where deep-snapping was a big issue, it's now back to where it should be: never noticed by anyone. That is because the snaps are there and have been accurate throughout fall practices.

#57-Matt Putnam 6-7, 245 DL Fr. Putnam brings unique size and abilities to the defensive end position and towers over all of his teammates save for David Oswald. Putnam has been seeing steady work with the third-teamers on defense as he works to develop in the program. A redshirt year is likely for Putnam.

#58-Jeff Bell 6-0, 228 LB Fr. Bell is seeing most of his reps with the 3s and the 4s on defense so far.

#59-John Pace 6-2, 210 DS Fr. Pace is the backup deep snapper for the team this fall.

#62-Eathyn Manumaleuna 6-2, 280 DL Fr. Manumaleuna has been very impressive throughout fall camp. On the heels of Tialavea's injury, Manumaleuna has worked to become the chief option at nose tackle.

Manumaleuna has shown good all-around skills, as he's very quick off the snap and has above-average strength for a true freshman. Manumaleuna should prove to be effective this year, and the future looks very bright, as he'll likely get the bulk of the reps at nose tackle this coming year.

#63-David Angilau 6-2, 270 DL Fr. Angilau has been seeing work with the third-teamers on defense and hasn't disappointed. Due to the depth at the defensive end position, Angilau may be afforded a redshirt year.

#64-R.J. Willing 6-5, 300 OL So. Willing has improved steadily since he returned from his mission. He has been seeing all of his reps with the 1s and with the 2s during practices.

Willing will play an important role this season as the primary backup at both the left tackle and left guard positions. Willing has great ability, which he demonstrated as a freshman before his mission.

#65-Dallas Reynolds 6-5, 328 OL Jr. Reynolds is back practicing after sitting out the spring due to injury. He has seen all his reps with the 1s at left tackle and has done very well, as he's improved upon his run-blocking just like everyone else on the offensive line.

#66-Garrett Reden 6-3, 273 OL Fr. Reden ended his experiment at NT abruptly, as he's now practicing fully with the offensive line again. Reden, like Willing, will play an important role with the offensive line this season, and will back up both the right guard and right tackle positions.

#67-Sete Aulai 6-1, 297 OL Sr. Aulai has improved upon his game as he leads the offensive line at the starting center position. He is as solid and as capable at his position as anyone at any other position on the team.

#68-David Oswald 6-8, 328 OL Jr. Oswald has solidified his spot as the starting right tackle along BYU's offensive front. He has quietly gone about his business, and has been solid, especially in his pass-blocking abilities.

#69-John Barrett 6-0, 328 OL So. Barrett adds depth to the offensive line, playing at both the center and offensive guard positions primarily with the third-team offensive line unit.

#70-Matt Reynolds 6-5, 300 OL Fr. Reynolds has been seeing most of his reps playing left tackle with the second-team offense. Due to the capabilities of Willing and Reden, which goes along with increased depth on the OL, Reynolds should be afforded a redshirt year.

If he had to, Reynolds could likely match or even improve upon what older brother Dallas Reynolds provided as a true freshman, but he's simply not needed at this point, having recently returned from his church mission. Reynolds will likely emerge as the frontrunner at the left tackle position come 2009.

#71-Rick Wolfley 6-3, 326 NT Fr. Wolfley has made the switch to the defensive side of the ball and aims to stay there. He couldn't be more happy to switch over to the position he feels most comfortable at, but more importantly, most effective at.

Wolfley will likely see the bulk of the backup reps behind Manumaleuna this season. He shows good run-stuffing skills, but looks to improve on his pass-rush capabilities.

#72-Nick Alletto 6-6, 275 OL Fr. Alletto has been seeing steady reps with the 2s at right tackle throughout fall camp. He adds good depth to the position, and will be set to compete for a starting spot in the coming years. Alletto has very good footwork and has noticeably increased his strength since the spring.

#73-Jason Speredon 6-5, 275 OL Fr. Speredon has switched to offensive guard since the spring and has been seeing steady reps with the 2s at the left guard position. He is yet another example of prime young developing depth in the Cougar offensive line ranks.

#74-Travis Bright 6-5, 314 OL Jr. Bright has looked as dominant as ever, as he's been wreaking havoc at one of the starting guard positions opposite Ray Feinga on the right side of the line. Bright is a bully on the line who is often seen pancaking his defensive line assignment during team reps.

#75-Walter Kahaiali'i 6-3, 320 OL Fr. Kahaiali'i, like Speredon, has been seeing steady reps with the 2s at the offensive guard position. Kahaiali'i has shown good promise since arriving as a true freshman a year ago and has worked to improve upon that promise this coming year.

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