Hooks Looks To Join Team

Sophomore Cougar linebacker Terrance Hooks can't wait to join his teammates after an incident over the summer that left the defender suspended from the team.

This past week Terrance Hooks was seen from time-to-time out on the practice field watching his teammates go through their drills. The talented inside linebacker was held out of team practice activities until he completed the requirements extending from an arrest for an altercation earlier in the year.

"Basically, on my court day I decided to do 15 days of work diversion, which is community service," said Hooks. "It's basically where I go to a certain location every morning and work from 7:30 to 2:30 every day. I actually got three days cut off of that because of time served through April 6th to the 9th. There was no other time served after that."

It was reported on various local news television channels that Hooks was serving 15 days in jail due to the altercation. However, the only time Hooks served in jail were the three days over last Easter weekend until a judge could be available on the following Monday morning. The 15 days he reportedly served in jail was actually community service.

"I should be out here soon," said Hooks. "I'm just waiting for a final signature from the judge and then it's case closed and I should be good to go. There's been a lot of misinformation, but everything is working out. I've been cleared by compliance, I've gotten my physical cleared and everything [else] I need cleared. I'm just waiting on that signature and then I'll be able to come out."

Hooks is expecting to join the team once he gets the signature from the judge and could join the team this Friday if that has occurred. He said that, looking back, he knows he made a mistake and feels he's grown through the experience. Although it's been tough, the punishment he's received was fair in his eyes.

"Everything is pretty much good to go," said Hooks. "I made a mistake, and everyone makes mistakes, but this is something I've definitely learned from. I'm definitely not going to be walking in those footsteps again. I feel like I've learned and matured from that experience a great deal because that was definitely an eye-opening experience. It's the biggest one I've ever had in my lifetime. There was a lot more publicity from this than I was hoping.

"I'm not going to say I wasn't wrong, because I was wrong. I made a mistake and I feel that I've paid for that mistake fairly. I've been suspended for a game, I've missed 12 days of fall camp, and…the whole reason why I'm here is to play football. That in and of itself is a big punishment right there. I'm going to miss the game against Arizona and that's my home state, and I've got all these guys that I've grown up playing against on that team."

Now Hooks simply wants to move on and prove to his teammates who he really is both as a person and as a football player on the field.

"Yeah, I'm really excited to get going," Hooks said. "I want to get back out here and let these younger guys know who I am. I haven't been able to do too many activities, and so I don't know too many of these younger guys on the team. I'm pretty sure the older guys know what I'm capable of, my work ethic, and how I practice and play."

To ensure he can come right back out onto the field without missing a beat, Hooks has been keeping himself physically ready for when that day finally arrives.

"I'm allowed to work out and have been working out in the weight room," said Hooks. "I've been staying in shape, but I've been eating on my own. I haven't been able to eat all the good Legends Grill food like everyone else has been eating. I've been staying in shape though.

"It actually kind of funny," Hooks continued. "I went to a yoga class with my girlfriend and Vic So'oto. Let me tell you man, I worked up a nice sweat there. I also went to a couple of cycling classes just to keep the cardio up, so when I come out here I'm not gasping for air like it was my first day as a freshman."

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