No Place Safe From Sorensen

It has been boldly stated on Total Blue Sports that Bingham High School kicker Justin Sorensen is one of the top high school kickers in the country. During Friday's matchup, a contest that resembled last year's 5-A State Championship game against Alta, Sorensen helped solidify the point.

It's not very often that a kicker the likes of Justin Sorensen comes along. Sure, he may not play the glorious position of quarterback, running back or middle linebacker, but that didn't keep this bionic-legged, precision-guided football kicker from becoming a weapon no matter where he lined up on the field as he stole the show from Alta High School.

The highlight of the game for Sorensen was his amazing 59-yard field goal.

"You know, I sum that up as our special teams playing perfect," said a smiling Sorensen. "Everything on that play was perfect, from [the] blocking, to the snap, to [the] hold, to [the] kick. Everything was perfect."

Sorensen didn't stop there. The sure-footed kicker followed his 59-yard field goal with a 51-yard field goal to help lead the Bingham Miners to a three-point win over Alta. However, just over a few weeks ago during Bingham's annual Blue and White game, Sorensen kicked a 62-yard field goal, which would have been a state record (60 yards is the current record) if it had been performed during an actual game.

"If it comes, it comes. I don't really pay much attention to distance because I know I can make it from wherever they put me. If they trust me to kick it from there, then I don't really need to worry about how far it is."

"Those [field goals] were big, big, big!" said inside linebacker Iona Pritchard. "Those were big. Coach told us that special teams, offense and defense have to play a big role, and today my hat goes off to special teams and especially Justin Sorensen."

Sorensen's 51-yard field goal ended up being the winning score, thanks to an unsuccessful onside kick by Alta with less than 30 seconds on the clock.

"I was checking to see which way the wind was going," said Sorensen. "I was making sure to keep my head down looking at the ball. I was trying not to think about the kick itself too much. Otherwise, you're bound to miss it. I wasn't focused on anything else but the kick."

"I actually asked him for his autograph right after that," said tight end Austin Holt while chuckling. "He's a stud."

When a team has a kicker with talent similar to Justin Sorensen's, it creates headaches for defensive coordinators. With Sorensen, no spot between the 50-65 yard range is safe for opposing teams. In fact, during Bingham's last contest with Alta, Sorensen also kicked the football through the uprights during a kickoff, which is a goal of his every time he lines up on special teams.

"I don't know if you notice, but when you kick the ball through the uprights or it's a long good kick, it gets the crowed into it," said Sorensen. "It gets the team pumped and we then have momentum when that happens."

Following his senior year as a Miner, Sorensen will again don the blue and white, but this time as a Cougar. Sorensen is excited to bring his special kicking abilities to LaVell Edwards Stadium in the hopes that he can continue to be a weapon no matter where he is on the football field.

"When I kick in these games I want to represent BYU," said Sorensen. "I want people to see me kick a good ball and have people say, ‘He's going to BYU.' I want to represent BYU, and that's one of my big goals."

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