BYU Recruits Weigh In On BYU's Season So Far

Following Timpview's sound defeat of Mountain View (48-17), a few of the Thunderbirds with BYU scholarships gave their thoughts and feelings on the Cougar season thus far. They also gave their predictions on how the Cougars will fare against Tulsa and throughout the rest of the season.

Five Thunderbirds have current full-ride scholarships from BYU, and three of them have committed so far. One of those is 6-foot-2-inch, 200-pound hard-hitting, head-hunting safety Craig Bills.

"In the Arizona game we played awesome," said Craig Bills. "I think they underestimated how good we were and our defense just shut them down. Max Hall just tore it up too and impressed everybody."

Bills, the top defensive back in the state of Utah, also commented on the UCLA game.

"I wasn't able to watch the UCLA game, but I heard that Max Hall just tore it up," said Bills. "I heard that some of the calls didn't go our way, but we still worked hard. The real score was [BYU] 20 and [UCLA] 17. They should have definitely won that game, but that's okay because BYU is going to win on out."

Timpview offensive lineman Xavier Suafilo echoed Bill's comments on Max Hall and the BYU's first two games.

"I saw a lot of good things," said Suafilo. "I saw a lot of good things from Max Hall, and their offensive line is solid. I think their defense is solid and I'm excited. They had a tough loss against UCLA. I think BYU was the better team, and if they had played the whole game like they did the third quarter, it wouldn't have been a challenge.

"To tell you the truth, I knew BYU was going to give them a hard time. I was excited and it felt really good watching them because the whole game they were so emotional. It just showed that Mountain West football, and especially BYU, is no pushover."

So what is Suafilo's prediction when the Bruins come to Provo next year?

"I think [BYU is] going to clean them up," said Suafilo while chuckling.

Another Timpview Thunderbird that has a full-ride scholarship offer from BYU is big Tui Crichton, who felt BYU's offense has performed well early in the season.

"I really like the way the whole BYU offense is running," said Crichton. "It makes me excited because that's the type of offense I'll be playing in. I'm really good at pass-blocking so that's what I like."

Max Hall threw for 391 yards against the UCLA defense, a performance ranked eight all-time against the Bruin program.

"When you see BYU do that to UCLA, it makes the Pac-10 schools look so weak," Crichton said.

With Tulsa up next on BYU's schedule, Bills weighed in on how he feels the Cougars will perform down in Oklahoma.

"I just think we're going to come out and annihilate them," Bills said with a smile. "It's going to be awesome!"

Suafilo and Crichton also agree with that prediction.

"They're going to go undefeated," Suafilo said. "I don't think there is anyone in the conference that can beat BYU. They'll go to a bowl game and play somebody good."

"They're going to beat everyone," said Crichton. "They're going to do everything against Tulsa. I think they can go undefeated the rest of the season. They have a good defense and their offense can move the ball."

As last year's only First-Team All-State sophomore in Utah, Bills is receiving quite a bit of attention from out-of-state programs. However, despite such, Bills is still blue through and through.

"I'm definitely still solid on BYU," Bills said. "Nothing's really going to change my mind. I'm hearing from Stanford, Connecticut, LSU…but it's still BYU all the way. BYU's going to go undefeated the rest of the season. It's BYU all the way."

Suafilo is also receiving a lot of out-of-state interest as well.

"Colorado, Ohio State, [and] BYU still send me letters and I still like them," said Suafilo. "The University of Connecticut has sent me quite a few letters. I'm just keeping my options open right now and concentrating on my technique because I'm getting a lot more letters now."

BYU is one of Crichton's top schools, despite the fact that he is receiving a lot of out-of-state interest from Pac-10 schools, among others.

"I really like BYU," said Crichton. "They're a local school and I can serve my mission. Some schools tell you that you can serve a mission, but then try to keep you from going, or they don't hold your scholarship for you when you come back.

"I also like the color blue," Crichton continued. "I grew up watching them so I really like BYU. They don't just see what kind of a football player you are, but they also see what kind of a person you are and what kind of grades you have. Other schools just recruit you for football. It makes me feel like the [BYU] coaches really care. They want to be close with the players."

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