Spanish Fork Star Athlete Favors Cougars

Last Friday, the Dons of Spanish Fork beat the Cavemen of American Fork at home to win "the battle of the Forks." BYU fans are familiar with BYU commit Jake Murphy of American Fork, but know little about a recruiting prospect from Spanish Fork.

On the playing field, Richard Wilson looked like a Division I athlete. He has the frame and has decent speed for his size, and is physical both offensively and defensively.

"I'm sixteen-years-old and I'm a junior," said Wilson. "I'm 6'3", 215 pounds. I ran the forty at 4.6, my shuttle is a 4.37 and my vertical is 29 inches. I bench 185 [pounds] 17 times and can squat 425 eight times."

Because of his size and speed, the coaches of Spanish Fork have placed Wilson at various positions throughout the season. During the "battle of the Forks," Wilson demonstrated his ability to play multiple positions.

"I play receiver, tight end [and] running back on offense, and I play defensive end on defense. Offensively [before going into the Spanish Fork vs. American Fork game], I had 26 catches for 436 yards. Defensively, I had 15 tackles."

This past summer, Wilson attended BYU's non-padded summer camp, where he worked out with Coach Anae as a tight end and Coach Lamb as a linebacker.

"Coach Lamb in always battling with Coach Anae about putting me at linebacker," said a chuckling Wilson. "During camp [Coach Lamb] would yell, ‘Wilson, get over here!' and wanted me to come play linebacker. I did play both ways at linebacker and tight end during camp. I like myself more at tight end though. I don't know, I just like catching balls.

"I was the MVP for tight end at their non-padded summer camp. They talked to me about continuing to work hard. I've been on campus and have seen the facilities. The camp was awesome and I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot of things. The facilities are great and they're awesome. They're top-notch and some of the best in the country."

Although he's grown up closer to BYU than the University of Utah, Wilson grew up a Utah fan. However, over the course of the recruiting process, he has had a change of heart.

"I'm talking to BYU a lot and they send me letters," Wilson said. "I grew up a Ute fan, but as the recruiting process has gone on, I kind of like BYU a lot more. Talking with Coach Mendenhall, I really like the Cougars. It's just a great place to be and the coaches are awesome. I'm LDS and I plan on serving a mission."

So what if Utah begins recruiting him harder now?

"Well, it depends at what I get recruited as," said Wilson. "I know at BYU you get a chance to get the ball a lot as a tight end, and they put a lot of tight ends into the NFL. At Utah they don't really use the tight end that much. My cousin [Chad Jacobsen] played up there a couple of years ago and he didn't get the ball a lot."

Total Blue Sports will continue to follow Wilson's prep-career, as well as his recruiting progress with BYU.

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