Chambers Lists New Favorite

Florida athlete O'Neill Chambers, from Harmony High School, has scholarship offers from D-I programs such as BYU, Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Purdue and Mississippi State, but one school in particular has recently risen to the top of his list.

O'Neill Chambers flew out to Utah with best friend Kedron Paul to attend BYU's non-padded camp over the summer. While visiting BYU over the summer, Chambers, a non-LDS recruit, loved his visit and placed BYU at the top of his list.

"They're definitely one of my favorites," said Chambers in an earlier interview with Total Blue Sports. "After being there I can definitely say that they're a school I'd love to play for. I'll go back there for sure on an official trip. I could definitely see myself playing at BYU and attending school there."

Throughout the year Chambers continued to place BYU at the top of his list despite receiving multiple scholarship offers. However, the 6-foot-3-inch, 205-pound receiver has recently placed Purdue University as his number-one university.

"[Purdue is] a really good school and they pass the ball a lot," said Chambers. "They have really big receivers size-wise. They're tall, and muscle-wise they're really physical, and they are a team that likes to throw the ball a lot."

With BYU being a college football program that is known for its passing game, and one that is statistically ranked within the top 10 offenses nationally for passing yards and has finished in the top five nationally for passing 19 times, what's given Purdue the edge?

"They have a really good math program and an engineering program," said Chambers. "Just how they have everything set up and how their offense is run. They throw the ball a lot and they rotate receivers a lot as well."

While visiting Purdue, Chambers attended the Purdue vs. Notre Dame game, in which the Boilermakers defeated the Irish 33-19. He also got a good chance to see the atmosphere around Purdue University, and found it to be somewhat similar to what is found in Provo.

"I liked the atmosphere [at Purdue] as well," said Chambers. "It's really quiet there and it's kind of like a college town setting. It's a really small town and is basically set around the school. It's a town built around the students and that's basically about it. I have some friends that go there and a really close friend that goes there that plays basketball for Purdue."

Both BYU and Purdue have a football program built around the passing game, good engineering programs, and the type of school environment that Chambers is looking for. However, there is one aspect about Purdue that may have given the Boilermakers the edge over BYU.

"Well, I have friends up there and it was really comfortable," said Chambers. "There are a lot of people from Florida up there. Purdue is my top school right now, with BYU being number two."

BYU was looking closely at his good friend Kedron Paul, who didn't receive a scholarship offer from BYU after he attended BYU's summer camp. However, there are other fellow teammates and friends of his that are also trying to get a scholarship to BYU.

"There's a couple more players on our team trying to go to BYU as well," said Chambers. "One is C.J. Santiago and the other is Nate Beatty. Nate Beatty is a strong safety and C.J. Santiago is a cornerback."

So what's the rundown on these two Florida prospects that have an interest in BYU?

"C.J. Santiago is about 5'9", 175 pounds, and ran a 4.35 forty," said Chambers. "He's faster than [Kedron Paul] and had around 30-to-40 tackles and four interceptions last year. He plays on the other side of Kedron and is in our class [2008]."

"Nate Beatty is a monster," Chambers continued. "He's about 5'10" and around 180 pounds and ran a 4.54 forty. Last year he played corner for us as well, but this year he plays strong safety. He had around 35 tackles and three interceptions. This year he has two interceptions he ran back for touchdowns, and two fumble recoveries he ran back for touchdowns. He leads our defense with four touchdowns right now.

"We're all trying to go to the same school as well. C.J., he likes [BYU] and knows they have a pretty good defense and he knows they're looking for defensive players as well. Nate [Beatty] is Mormon as well, so he likes BYU."

Having already been to BYU over the summer, Chambers spoke to both Santiago and Beatty about what it's like in Provo, Utah.

"I told them that BYU was great and it's really nice up there. I told them about how the atmosphere is and how the coaches are as well. Coach Anderson has spoken with the BYU coaches and they told him to send them film on C.J. and Nate. So we're all looking to go up there for a trip together. That's what we're all trying to do."

Chambers plans on attending BYU, hopefully with some of his teammates, on January 11.

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